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Your Saturday Sporcle: Steady Starters

Your task is to name the regular members of the Arizona rotation

Giants vs. D-backs Photo by Kelsey Grant/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

Firstly, to review the results of the last Sporcle which, as is traditional at the end of the year, was to name the members of the D-backs for the season just completed. There were 54 players to be found in all, and 119 people took up the challenge. The average score was 64%, with the median and mode both being the 34-38 player range. Congratulations to the two people who managed to name all 54. I trust you did so without the need to use any external resources, or Santa Carroll will put you on the naughty list for next year.

Speaking of whom, Corbin was also the name most successfully remembered, appearing on 97.5% of the answer sheets. Frankly, I’m more concerned about the three of you who did NOT remember him. Perhaps they wandered over here from Gaslamp Ball or somewhere. Christian Walker and Ketel Marte were both recalled by more than 95% of you, which makes sense and is not surprising. Interestingly, nobody was completely forgotten, with everyone appearing on at least 10% of responses. There was a triple-tie for Least Memorable D-back of 2023. Peter Solomon, Anthony Misiewicz and Cole Sulser all scored a 12.6%. Of those below twenty percent, the saddest was Tyler Gilbert’s 19.6%. From no-hitter to no-name...

Moving on, we’re revisiting and updating a quiz were previously posted in 2020. What we need are the 41 pitchers to have made 25+ starts in a season for the D-backs. You get the number of times they did it, the first and last seasons and also their initials, because I feel particularly charitable this afternoon. Last names only are fine, and you’ve got ten minutes to complete the task. With the initials, I think it’s fairly easy, though some of the earliest entries are still going to be tough. Let’s set your target score at 25. Tell us in the comments how you did, biggest hits and misses, etc. Spoiler code for specific names please!

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