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Adriel Radney...what do we know?

Long time since the team made a notable signing on the international market.

If there were an award for International signing of the year, than the Diamondbacks might get a few votes here and there after signing Adriel Radney.

Radney played for the Dominican Republic U16 team in 2022 and was pretty much a consensus and coveted Top 10 international prospect. The Diamondbacks signing him, as in most cases with international prospects, was hardly a surprise though because the kid was seen wearing Diamondbacks’ gear on the internet the last few months.

What did the main prospect watchers say?

MLB Pipeline’s report seems from a bit longer ago, but they still ranked him as high as 10 in 2024. The report mentions a height and weight of Adriel Radney that doesn’t match the height and weight on their International prospect list. MLB Pipeline further makes note of “a quiet approach at the dish, [...] keeps his hands close to his body and uses them to his benefit to help hit for both average and power.”

FanGraphs is a bit more bullish, ranking Radney number 3 on their 2024 International prospects list and mentioning him as a player with “a shot to do a little bit of everything and develop into five-tool [...] a fairly solid hit tool track record — insofar as a player can have one at this stage — and considerable power projection because of size, but also has a good shot at remaining at a premium position.”

Our own Michael McDermott even went as far as calling him the “Crown Jewel of 2024 International Class”.

So, what do we really know? For certain is that we have a tall kid here. Dominicans are tall people, just look at the ones walking around in my neighbourhood (but if that is too far away for you, watching their women’s national volleybal team will do too), and Adriel Radney is no exception to that at 6’3 (185 lbs). He is just 16.5 years old and is a no brainer to start the season in the Dominican as he will probably experience some growing pains.

(I included the video below so you can see a bit how the kid is. I listened to the short interview but there isn’t anything interesting in it despite a bit of family, God and other bla bla)

Radney is a center fielder and though almost all position players signed out of Latin America are either shortstop or center fielder, the real question that surrounds them all is whether they will stick at that position (less likely) or whether they will move to an other position (more likely).

FanGraphs and MLB Pipeline differ a bit on that. FanGraphs gives him a good chance to stick in center while MLB Pipeline sees him moving over to right field eventually. That slight difference probably is the reason why FanGraphs has him ranked much higher than MLB Pipeline and has given him a 45 FV+.

Those 45 FV+ players are according to FanGraphs “basically a mid-to-late first round draft grade” and “fantastic and exciting additions to their new clubs”. That evaluation alone will propel Adriel Radney into the Top 10 of the Diamondbacks farm ranking.

We’ll see how far Adriel makes it within the organization and he will need quite some years before he gets even close to the MLB, but the potential should excite us all. The Diamondbacks haven’t done much on the international market the past few years that excites us. Instead of throwing money and aiming at a few prospects, the Diamondbacks have rather aimed at spreading the bonuses, not surpassing the $2MM bonus the past few years.

That strategy, although understandable given the age of all these international prospects, hasn’t really provided us with much international talent at the highest level. Perdomo was the last one that has been able to stick at the highest level, but he wasn’t a Hazen signing, so we still have to see the fruit of Hazen’s international signing tree.

Let’s hope Radney will become a fine apple within 5-7 years.


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