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MLK Memes: 1/15


This day in history:
Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England in 1559. Mary I was the Scottish Queen at the time. MLK was born in 1929.

125 Mind-Blowing Historic Facts & Trivia That Are Almost Too Weird to Be True

This day in baseball:

1942: US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sends his famed “Green Light Letter” to Commissioner Judge Landis, encouraging Major League Baseball to continue playing during World War II. President Roosevelt states that he believes playing the sport would be good for Americans and encourages the owners to have more games at night to give war workers an opportunity to attend games. Despite a loss of many star players to military service, all 16 teams will continue to play regular schedules for the duration of the war. Ironically, the Chicago Cubs, who had signed an agreement with a contractor to install lights at Wrigley Field, drop their plans because of the military’s need for the material. It will take 35 more years before lights are finally installed at the venerable ballpark.

Jelly beans are coated with insect juice.

Jelly beans and candy corn are usually coated with shellac, a substance made from the secretions of a Thai species called kerria lacca. However, you probably won’t see this ingredient in the list: the industrial term for it is “confectioner’s glaze.” This secret ingredient gives your favorite confectionery that delicious sheen.

The first morse code message was, “What hath God Wrought.”

Morse code is a nonverbal language system where one communicates with a series of short and long sounds. The first morse code message was taken from the Bible passage, Numbers 23:23. It was recorded on a paper tape. Samuel Morse and Alfred Lewis Vail.

Queen Elizabeth cannot sit on the Iron Throne.

By Royal law, the Queen is not allowed to sit upon a foreign throne. This was vital information that was only discovered when the Queen visited the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.

The katydid bug hears through holes in its hind legs.

Insects are known to be all sorts of strange, but this is one of the cooler fun facts: The katydid hears with its legs! The katydid’s ears are located on its two front legs. Like the human ear, the ear of the katydid collects sound, converts it, and analyzes the frequency.

Evidence from Seymour Island suggest that penguins were once 6 ft tall.

Scientists discovered old bones that are believed to be related to modern penguins. While the current tallest penguin is recoded to be the emperor penguin that stands at 122cm tall, the bones found is that the size of an average American Adult.