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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 22

Coming up on the Finale of the 2023 season...

Three large replicas of the Vince Lombardi trophy stand on a football field Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to PYW! Last week, in my vaguely depressed and hopeless opinion of the remaining season, I asked you to write a promotional teaser for what was coming up . Another week in a row with only two qualifying comments so lets go ahead and see what they were!

In second place we have Snake_Bitten with two recs!

“The mental and physical challenges force players to choose between personal risk and reward, while still navigating the complex social game and attempting to forge alliances to last another day. The individuals competing are from diverse backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivors.”

Sounds like it has everything FOX action/realtiy show could ask for! Would probably watch.

And winning first place this week with 3 recs is MrRbi17!

It’s a VERY special season finale of Snakes In Action this Sunday! Torey deals with a personnel problem. Mike contemplates his future. Corbin reaches for an award. The starting pitchers commiserate over their struggles. A farewell for Greg.

A poignant reminder what what the finale truly holds... No matter what happens, it will be the end of the Greg Schulte era. Enjoy him while we still can.

And now for the updated standings. How do the contenders stack up going into the homestretch?


Players Score
Players Score
gzimmerm 20
Kilnborn 18
Justin27 12
Diamondhacks 9
Spencer O'Gara 9
MrRbi17 7
Makakilo 6
Jack Sommers 5
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2
Snake_Bitten 2

No change at the top. Gzimmerm has an impressive lead, but Justin isn’t that far behind at all. Three podium finishes in the final weeks and he could easily pass him for a spot in the finale.

This week, we’re going to go back to the tried, true, and traditional caption prompt! Last week the Diamondbacks tweeted out this photo of... a celebration? Honestly not sure what is actually going on here, so you tell me. Go!