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9/5: Rockies 3, Dbacks 2

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

No preview type stuff, because gametime kind of crept up on me. Brandon Pfaadt against Kyle Freeland.

First inning

Blackmon walks to begin the game. Tovar fould a few off, before flailing at a slider away for the strikeout. McMahon flies out to Gurriel. On the 7th pitch of his at bat, Diaz smash singles into RF. Nolan Jones skies one to RF, doubles off the wall. Rodgers flies out to Pham. The Rockies scored one, but left two in scoring position.

Marte hits a groundball that splits the gaps and rolls all the way for a hustle triple. Rivera singles to RF to tie the game! Pham will then ground into a 5-4-3. Freeland is 0-6 and has given up 17 home runs against the Dbacks in 11 starts since 2019. Walker lines out to short to end it.

Second inning

Montero, 3-0, questionable strike called on the outside. He fouls one off and we have an injury delay. Couple of minutes now, but he will stay in the game and strike out. Goodman grounds out to Rivera. Doyle singles to CF, the Dbacks dugout didnt appreciate a called strike call and The Ump Show barks back. Blackmon strikes out.

Longo has 3 career homers off Freeland. He flies out to Doyle in CF. So will Gurriel. Carroll leads the Majors with 9 triples. I know David Dellucci led the league in triples in out expansion year with 12. That was his rookie season, too. He did have 32 PAs for Baltimore the year prior. Corbin walked. Ahmed flies out to RF.

Third inning

I actually had a long, trying day at work today, so this is kind of nice to be able to unwind and do this. Interesting how that happens. Making a burger in my frying pan and have a couple of Dos Equis’. Tovar leads the third off with a single up the middle. McMahon flies out to Gurriel. Two pickoff attempts during the Diaz at bat, Paying a lot of attention to him. Diaz strikes out, and Tovar steals second anyway. Jones walks on the 8th pitch of his at bat. Tovar steals 3B, and Moreno’s throw is into LF. Jones steals 2B, and Moreno’s throw is into CF. Rodgers singles. Runners on the corners, a run in and two out now. Pfaadt at 60 pitches already. He plunks Montero to load the bases. Goodman flies out to Gurriel at the wall to finally end it.

Moreno flies out to CF. Marte grounds to SS on a 3-2 pitch. Freeland is at 33 pitches with two out in the third. Rivera walks and the Pham grounds out to SS.

Forth inning

Doyle splits Pham and Carroll and gets a triple. Sled head first into the bag, but I am not sure he really needed to. Blackmon flies out to Corbin, Doyle comes home. The Rockies up 3-1, now. The Cubs lead the Giants 11-7. The Marlins and Reds have already won. Mantiply throwing. Tovar pops up to Walker. Pfaadt’s night is done, as Mantiply coming in now. Pfaadt threw 70 pitches. McMahon grounds out to Marte.

Walker singles to CF. Longo flies out to Doyle. Gurriel grounds down the line, defelected off McMahon’s glove. It is a double for Gurriel and Walker to 3B. Carroll flies out to Jones in LF, both runners safely advance and it is now 3-2. In the most shocking of developments, Ahmed strikes out to end it.

Fifth inning

Mantiply still in. Diaz grounds out to Ahmed. Jones flies out to Corbin. Frias will now enter the ballgame. Rodgers singles. Montero flies out to Pham.

Moreno grounds out. Marte doubles. Rivera grounds out, cant move Marte. With two out in the 5th, Freeland is now at 70 pitches, which was Pfaadt’s pinch count total in 3.2ip. Pham will line out to Goodman to end it.

Sixth inning

Goodman returns the favor (lined out to Pham). Doyle grounds out to Rivera, who made a good play and throw. We will now see the MLB debut of Andrew Saalfrankenstein. 93 strikeouts in 64 innings in the minors this year. He is a LHP. Blackmon hits a hot shot to a diving Walker, who is able to smother it and run it to the bag for the final out. During that at bat, there was a questionable strike call again but The Ump Show.

Freeland still out there. Walker singles into CF. Remember that little blurb I wrote about Freeland up the screen in the first inning? Yeah... So 80 pitches now and 50 strikes. Longo strikes out. Gurriel walks, two on and one out with Carroll next. On an 0-2 pitch, he grounds it to Montero, who will get the force out at 2B. Ahmed, “High flyball the very first pitch he sees.” - Bert (flyout)

Seventh inning

Saalfrankenstein still out there. Tovar strikes out. Castro begins to loosen in out bullpen. McMahon grounds to Walker. Diaz grounds out to Marte. Great MLB debut and congrats to him!

Matt Koch in for the Rockies. Moreno lines it back to where it came from, Koch recovers and is able to throw him out at 1B. Marte lines out to Jones in LF. Perdomo to pinch hit for Rivera. Gameday is saying there was an injury delay during or before the Marte at bat, but I dont know what happened since I went to get another beer. Perdomo pops up to 2B

Eighth inning

Perdomo will stay in and play 3B. Wow, Saalfrank still in the game. Ryan Thompson now up. Why was Castro up last inning? Jones strikes out on a curveball! His family is excited, and here comes TL. Great job kid! Thompson now in the game. Rodgers grounds out to Perdomo, manning 3B. Montero flies out to Gurriel.

Jake Bird now in for the Rockies. Pham grounds out 3B, Walker strikes out. Longo also strikes out.

Ninth inning

Ryan Thompson still in, Kyle Nelson now warming up. Goodman grounds out to Marte. Doyle grounds out to Ahmed. Blackmon will ground out to Walker.

Last chance for the Dbacks to score one run. Gurriel, Carroll and the pitcher’s spot Ahmed due up. Tyler Kinley now in to putch, Sean Bouchard will come in to play RF replacing Goodman. Two pitches for Gurriel to line out, then Carroll lines out on the first pitch he sees. Alek Thomas will bat for Ahmed. The Dback bullpen was phenomenal tonight. I think the broadcast said they retired 16 of 17 Rockies. Alek pops it up to McMahon in fouls territory for the final out on a 3-1 pitch.

Time of the ballgame is 2:38. Attendance shows just under 13,000... You could see the small crowd tonight. Colorado was 2-4 with RISP, but left 7 LOB. The Dbacks were 1-6, and left 6.

There was one comment that had one more rec, but I am using my executive privlges to award this COTN.