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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 21


A man with a wreath of hot peppers around his neck receives a trophy from a woman wearing a blue shirt after winning an eating competition Zachary Allen/The Pueblo Chieftain / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome back to PYW’s, your weekly dose of humorous diversion from the pain of being a Diamondbacks fan who unexpectedly got expectations and now are having them slowly crushed by the realization that the team isn’t as good as they were playing at one point but not playing poorly enough to warrant truly being upset and disappointed so you don’t really know what emotions to feel about the team so you just kind of become vaguely apathetic even though they’re probably going to actually play two playoff games this year!

Last week, Torey Lovullo did not have any trouble identifying what emotions he was feeling, unlike possibly the author of this series. He was mad. Big mad. I asked you all what he does to blow off steam. Only two comments got multiple rec’s, so lets see what they were!

In second place, we have kilnborn!

He goes home and fixes the clock on his wall -kilnborn

Did Torey take the clock home?

And in first place, getting to the podium for two weeks in a row, we have Justin!

Two words: Baseball bat+ watercooler. Wait, that’s three

I’m not sure people understand how willing I would be to spend cold, hard cash to watch this, preferably in person, but I’ll settle for PPV on ESPN+

Let’s see how this shakes out the standings.


Players Score
Players Score
gzimmerm 20
Kilnborn 18
Justin27 12
Diamondhacks 9
Spencer O'Gara 9
Makakilo 6
Jack Sommers 5
MrRbi17 4
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2

Justin climbs up just a little more, getting closer to being within striking distance of gzimmerm at the top. Kilnborn is keeping pace, but remember, a player can’t with both halves of the championship. There are four more weeks in the season, however, so there is still plenty of time for someone to catch gzimmerm... or for gzimmerm to completely run away with it.

If you follow me on Twitter (still refuse to call it anything else), you might think you know what this week’s prompt is going to be. But you don’t. Sorry. Changed my mind.

There is one month left in the season, give or take. I want you to write a teaser for the rest of the season, like it was the season finale of a tv show. Highlight storylines, build drama, set up the villains. Give us a reason to tune. Like I said earlier, kinda apathetic. Go!