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Diamondbacks 1, White Sox 3 - Catch Me If You Can

After a 15 run explosion in the series opener, the offense shut down, only mustering 7 total hits across the next 2 games culminating in a series finale defeat against the White Sox.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Is there much more that can be described in this game that the box score can’t?

3 total hits. Only one by someone not named Corbin Carroll, who was the only D-back dressed this afternoon that wanted to play and not jump straight on the plane back to sunny Arizona after a dreadful road-trip, with multiple rain-filled games and another postponement.

For a team not just fighting for playoff position, but an actual playoff spot, you’d have thought they’d show up for a game that could have been a playoff clincher. But nope. The offense was seemingly already packed up and ready to leave, leaving the bullpen to be perfect just to stay in the ballgame.

Corbin Carroll showed up though and did CC things. A single and stolen base to lead off the game (He was stranded). A one-out triple (He scored). But that was it for the offense. Sure, Gurriel singled and then two others followed him up with walks, but with two outs and the bases loaded, Perdomo didn’t change his patient approach and decided to just look at strike 3, blowing the only real opportunity to score this game.

The bullpen did everything you could have asked them to do and really only made two mistakes, an elevated fastball to Andrew Vaughn after a mound visit and a hanging slider to Yoan Moncada for home runs. 3 runs on 3 hits? You’ll take that every day and hope your offense can deliver. Both Miguel Castro and Luis Frias in particular were excellent with both striking out multiple White Sox to give the team a chance.

We’ll now have to wait for both the Cubs and Marlins to finish their games tonight before the D-backs head home for a pivotal season-ending series with the Houston Astros. Both teams are in the thick of the postseason race, and can very easily be left on the outside looking in with a bad stretch of games. Let’s hope this one isn’t a precursor to something.