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Meme Mon... er, Tuesday 9/25: Go Wild!

Rescheduled due to rain. :)

I was watching the rainy game yesterday. 9th inning, the rain is coming down good. and everyone on the field is seemingly affected by the wet weather. Balls are dropping out of the sky many yards from where the player is looking. The grounds crew is throwing buckets of dirt around to dry things out. Frias is in to close the game out with a 7-0 lead. I watched Frias after every single pitch look at his throwing hand as if he was signaling that it was wet and it was affecting his throw. Every. Single. Pitch. Throws, then takes his eye off the game to stare at his hand. We get it bro. It’s raining. It’s wet. Looking at your wet hand does not negate the judgment I was placing on your turrible pitches, most of the pitches anyhow.

Why, Frias? What were you hoping to accomplish with your passive-aggressive body language and eye-to-wet-hand-inspections? Did you not want to pitch? Are you unsure what water/rain is? Do you think that after each turrible pitch you get a pass because you immediately looked directly at your throwing hand? What are you doing? After every pitch? Yeah, it’s wet and you have a 7 run lead, don’t F this up. Then, as the team finally won and players began to crowd the mound for butt-slaps and high-fives, Frias is staring off into the wild, almost unconscious, unbothered, his hand now dry. There wasn’t much emotion or even facial movement from Frias. Just a blank stare as his teammates congratulated each other on a job well done. I don’t think he even high-fived anyone, is he OK? That’s my player rant for the month. Moving on...

Here’s a couple of great notes from this season so far: 1. The Dodgers did not clench the NL West at Chase Field. 2. The Diamondbacks eliminated the Yankees from the postseason. These are 2 great accomplishments already, and for me, the season has been a success. Now, all we need to do is clench a wildcard and post some memes. Enjoy.

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