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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 24

Possibly the most anticlimactic final prompt ever

Close up of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup trophy. It’s a large ball, resting upon a center three pronged support with three outside supports around the edges Photo by NOAH SEELAM/AFP via Getty Images

Welcome back to the final regular season episode of Pit Your Wits!

Last week, on the heels of the news that the Red Sox will be in the market for a new head of their front office, I asked you to come up with convincing reasons for Hazen not to accept a potential job offer. We had more participation than we’ve had for a few weeks and plenty of recs to go around. In second, we have a three way tie, with three recs apiece, between Justin27, MrRbi17, and Steak85!

Nacho Slides. Fixing the clock. Certain pictures. —Justin27

We at PYW’s would like to thank Justin for writing the “Banned Answers” section of next years PYW rule book :-)

1) At Ease will provide cool shirts for free for your press conferences 2)Boston doesn’t have monsoons only drizzly rain and there is no roof 3)Dbacks fans are easier to please — MrRbi17

For me, #3 is absolutely the reason to avoid really any of the big markets. I would not want to deal with the nonsense that comes with LA, NYC, or Boston.

1. Corbin Carroll 2. Jordan Lawler 3. Brandon Pfaadt —Steak85

Want the reason to stay? This is it. This right there.

Then tying for first, perhaps prophetically? is gzimmerm and kilnborn with four recs each!

1) Chase Field has fewer rats than Fenway Park 2) Ken Kendrick has a superior baseball card collection to John Henry 3)Three free tacos from Taco Bell when the DBacks score five runs* *Not available in Tucson/Marana —gzimmerm

Have we actually done any investigation into John Henry’s baseball collection? It could explain why he chose not to re-sign Betts...

1) You’re far more likely to be killed by a random flood of molasses in Boston 2)Happy Hours are illegal in Boston 3)Comcast is the only cable company —kilnborn

Well I’ll be... happy hours are illegal in Boston. Learn something new every day.


Players Score
Players Score
Kilnborn 28
gzimmerm 27
Justin27 15
MrRbi17 12
Diamondhacks 9
Spencer O'Gara 9
Makakilo 6
Jack Sommers 5
Steak85 5
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2
Snake_Bitten 2

MrRbi jumps up to a very distant third, but gzimmerm picks up a rec on both him and Justin. He carries a 12 point advantage going into the final week, which is the biggest final week lead I can remember. Anything can happen, but at the same time, sometimes it’s worth participating just for the love of the sport, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, the final prompt of season! This week, Derek Hall was in the news once again asking the county for money. Growing up, when I wanted money, my parents made me do a chore, so, I ask you, what chore should the county make Derek Hall do to earn the money he is asking for? Go!