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Meme Monday 9/18: Sweep It Up

Currently, the Diamondbacks have the 2nd WC spot, and a 12 game lead on the Cubs and Marlins who are both tied for the 3rd WC. Things have been crazy! On Saturday the Diamondbacks played the longest game in MLB for the 2023 season. Of course Keegan was assigned to recap the extra-long game, which I’m sure went off without a hitch at Kasa De Keegan. Sure, there was ALREADY damage to the drywall, interior doors, cabinets, appliances, and furniture. Adding a few new fist-sized holes in the drywall probably won’t devalue the place anymore than it already is and I hear he has a great handy-man on retainer. The back in forth, 1 day having a wild card and the next not, is really doing a # on all of us.

With 11 games let in the regular season, anything can happen still in such a tight wild card race. In the meantime, make some memes. Last week’s winner did not claim their prize, so I will give it to whom’st’ever win’s this week.

Found Memes: