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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 23

Only two prompts remain!

Dennis Schroeder of the German Basketball world champions takes pictures of their trophy to celebrate their victory  Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images

And we’re back with more Pit Your Wits!

Last week, I asked you to caption this tweet and tell me what was going on. For the first time in a few weeks, we actually have all three spots on the podium filled, so let’s jump right in. Taking third place with two recs is... Steak85!

Alek Thomas demonstrates rarely seen martial arts move the “Flying D-Back” as Geraldo Perdomo (left) is turned into unwilling victim

I always suspected Alek was a secret martial arts master. In second place, we find our current leader gzimmerm with three recs!

I’ve had the time of my life... (followed by a still shot from a gif of the flying lift scene from Dirty Dancing)

Captioning a picture with a gif... that’s next level thinking right there, and it clearly worked to get him a spot on the podium!

Finally, taking the top spot this week is kilnborn with a whopping six recs!

unique among the animal kingdom, the female Diamondback leaps into the air to give birth while the male stands ready to catch the babies as they’re launched downwards

Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I would watch a sports documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough.


Players Score
Players Score
Kilnborn 24
gzimmerm 23
Justin27 12
Diamondhacks 9
Spencer O'Gara 9
MrRbi17 7
Makakilo 6
Jack Sommers 5
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2
Snake_Bitten 2
Steak85 2

Kilborn’s performance puts him into the top spot in the standings, pushing past gzimmerm in the processes. Remember, though Kilborn is already in the finale, so the real battle still is between gzimmerm and the field, though his lead grew even more this week.

Still time for someone to catch him, however, so let’s get to our penultimate prompt! This week, the Red Sox let go of Chaim Bloom and Chuck, accurately, pointed out that his old team might want Hazen to come back to a greater role. Your task is to come up with three reasons for Hazen to stay in AZ. Go!