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Meme Monday 9/11: Have a Laugh

Friends, it’s been a long time since I offered a prize for the most rec’d meme. So, I want to give that a shot again and remind everyone who remembers that each prize offered in the past was awarded within a reasonable time and as promised, no matter what anyone claims. We have settled all of the associated lawsuits and there are ND clauses.

Just in case you forgot how to make a meme, I have some links that can give you a hand. < The easiest meme maker IMO. Once you create your meme and you get your link, post it in the comments...if you can. No disrespect to SB Nation, but posting pics in the comments is not exactly user-friendly. I once was able to post a pic in the comments but I was on acid, shrooms, and had just taken an advance course in rocket scientry. If I can do it, so can you. Posting a .gif is slightly more challenging and requires a 20 year wander through the wilderness in order to attain the enlightenment needed to post a .gif link on SB Nation blogs. But IT CAN BE DONE. < Make a .gif, add text to a .gif and more. , Can you trace a line? Then you can cut and paste! Want to add a D-backs hat to a funny pic? This is the link for you.

The winner of this edition of Meme Monday will be awarded with a FTD shirt (limited colors and sizes) and a Brute Squad decal for your ride. *Winner must pickup items from anyone of our 5 slightly-convenient Valley locations: Anthem, NPHX, Sheaborhood, South Scottsdale, and Central PHX. Good luck everyone!


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