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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 17

What disasters are we going to inflict on other stadiums?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy surrounded by mirrors at the NFL Hall of Fame Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And we’re back! Apologies about last week... Woke up on Tuesday and realized that I had completely space it. I’m sure you were all heartbroken...

Anyway, well. I think this ones on me. I knew it wasn’t my best prompt, but I tried to force the issue anyway and here we are. I reeeeaaaaally wanted to make something out of that AC failure, but shouldn’t have clearly. We only have two qualifying candidates this week. In second place, we have newcomer 520Tommy with two recs!

(alt text because it’s too long for the form: Oakland proceeds to go on a 50-game winning streak with heightening fan support as the season progresses. In game 163 against the Yankees for the final wild-card spot, the Coliseum is sold out. The fans are rocking with anticipation as their beloved A’s might make the playoffs. However, the Coliseum has not been at full capacity in a decade, and only moments before the first pitch the stadium sadly crumbles to pieces. The Yankees are given the berth into the wild card due to the lack of an Oakland stadium. Jeff Fisher celebrates and immediately ships the team to Nevada for the 2024 season.)

And taking the other spot on the podium this week, kilnborn with 3 recs!

Someone sneaks into the Dodger Stadium sound room and plays the THX sound effect at max volume over the Death Star Speaker, vaporizing every living creature within 10 miles, as the sound waves traverse the globe 14 times, beating the Krakatoa explosion’s record of 7. As we begin to piece together our lives, we discover that every bat on the planet has gone deaf, and mosquito numbers have increased 100-fold. That’s when things get really bad.

This sounds like a series of events that ultimately culminates in the Dodgers winning a real World Series, and that just isn’t a universe that I want to be in.


Players Score
Players Score
Kilnborn 10
Spencer O'Gara 9
gzimmerm 8
Jack Sommers 5
Diamondhacks 4
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2
Makakilo 2

Kilnborn keeps the back and forth at the top of the standings going, just inching ahead of Spencer and gzimmerm for that first spot, and at the opposite end, 520Tommy joins the leaderboard for the first time this season.

Alright let’s see if this one will go over any better. After months of speculation, the Angels stuck to their decision not to trade Shohei Ohtani. While that speculation is now over, it’s just about time to turn our attention to the next chapter, where will he sign in the offseason. I want you to construct a compensation package to convince him to come to the Diamondbacks, remembering that this is PYW’s and not a serious discussion. Go!