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Meme Monday 8/28: Movin’ On Up

In the NL West-Side.

Friends, I love the depth this team has, or at least the way the Diamondbacks are working with the depth they have. Crismatt balked in the winning run? Goodbye. Next man up: Ryan Thompson (no relation to Keegan Thompson.) The additions at the trade deadline, especially Pham, have worked to the team’s advantage in the wildcard run. The Diamondbacks currently have the 3rd wild card spot with a 1.5 game lead to work with. However, the remaining schedule is no cake walk. If the D-backs want to lockdown a postseason spot, they are going to have to keep their foot on the gas and their heads in the game - there’s still plenty of baseball left for this whole thing to go south. In the meantime, keep the faith and enjoy the memes.