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Meme Monday 8/21: Wild West

D-backs are making noise and moving closer to a wild card spot

Friends, I wish the D-backs could play the Padres more often. The winless-August streak was broken on Saturday 8/12 vs the Padres and the D-backs went on to win that series 2 games to 1. Then the D-backs proceeded to demoralize and mistreat the Dads in SD this past weekend winning the 4 game series, and all but taking SD out of the wild card fight. The Padres really are the Mets of the West Coast. High payroll, good manager, lots of big names and talent on the team, but really nothing much to brag about this particular season. A mess, really.

In Colorado, Christian Walker treated the Rockies like they owed him some money for a drywall job he did about 3 years ago and never got fully paid for. He got the deposit but was never paid for the final work because the client thought they could get over on him...Well, Christian Walker collected in Colorado - BIG TIME! I am happy to report that the Diamondbacks (minus Castro) are turning things around and remain in the hunt for a wild card.

There’s really been no time this past week for me to make any memes. Between me and you, my 9-5 boss is a real D!## and works me to the bone. No matter how many times I ask for PTO or even a sick day he practically ignores the request and tells me to, “Keep working - no memes, no breaks.” God I hate that guy! I’ve been here 3.5 years and he still treats me like I’m the new guy. Please accept my apologies and enjoy what I have gathered in the little time I have.

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