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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 19

What went wrong, y’all?

Messi holds multiple trophies during the trophy ceremony  following the Leagues Cup Championship match Alan Poizner-USA TODAY Sports

Following the first ever hurricane delay in PYW’s history, we’re back!

Last week, I asked you to tell me what went wrong with the Diamondbacks. It’s a broad, open ended question, but I felt that it was the appropriate forum to ask. Only two multi-rec’d comments this week, but man they were good. Starting us off in second place, we have Diamondhacks with five recs!

You’re five now, but do you remember when you pooped your pants a lot?

I have to admit, I legit laughed out loud in a restaurant when I first read this one.

In first place this week, we once again find gzimmerm!

Corbin’s shoulder went pop, Lordes’ bat lost it’s bop, all the speed decided to stop, and our D-Backs began to drop.

Bravo. Just A+ work all around this week.


Players Score
Players Score
gzimmerm 20
Kilnborn 13
Diamondhacks 9
Spencer O'Gara 9
Makakilo 6
Jack Sommers 5
NikT77 3
520Tommy 2

With that seven rec performance this week, gzimmerm opens up a healthy, but hardly insurmountable lead over kilnborn. Hacks also makes a pretty big leap up to a tie for fairly distant third.

Well, last week, we made fun of the Diamondbacks as a whole and they went back into the win column, so let’s try this again. Give me something that would be a better use of $5 million than letting Miguel Castro’s option vest. Go!