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Doubleheader, Game 1: D-backs 6, Padres 4

The first game today would have been Sunday’s game.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres - Game One Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Due to the hurricane, MLB moved Sunday’s game to a 12:10 start on Saturday. Today’s regularly scheduled evening game will be game 2 and will be unaffected.

In double headers, teams are allowed to call up an extra player. Per GLB, it appears the Padres have brought up Matt Waldron and he will start the first game. He is a RHP, with only one MLB appearance, this past June. In 19 games at AAA, he has an ERA of 7.28, a WHIP of 1.62 and a 2-9 record.

It looks like our 27th man is Peter Strzelecki. He is the player we acquired from Milwaukee for Andrew Chafin a couple of weeks ago.

First inning

Corbin starts things off with a double of the top of the wall in left-center on the first pitch of the ballgame. Waldron throws the knuckle 21% of the time, according to the graphic displayed. He also throw fastball/slider. Marte strikes out swinging on a full count. Pham chops it to 3B. Candi some very good insights about the knuckleball, grip, etc. With the humidity right now, he says these are the ideal conditions to throw the knuckleball. Walker walked on a full count. Gurriel dumps a single into shallow CF, scoring Corbin, Walker stops at 2B. Thomas singles on a line drive to RF, scoring is Walker! Peterson ends it with a flyout to Soto in LF. Waldron needed 30 pitches in that frame and did not look comfortable at all.
Kim greets Merrill with a home run on the second pitch. Kelly struck out Tatis on a full count. Soto will single to RF. Merrill Threw a pickoff attempt, safe is the call, but Arizona will challenge. The safe call is overturned, 2 out. Manny Machado then hits a home run. Tie game. Bogaerts grounds out to Perdomo, close play at 1B. Kelly threw 26 pitches in that frame.

Second inning

Herrera flies out to RF. Perdomo walked. Corbin shatters his bat and grounds out to Carpenter, who will toss it to the pitcher covering. Marte strikes out again to end it.

Cronenworth to lead off their frame. He has a .325ba, 8 extra base hits and an ops of.964 against us this season. He lines out to Marte great play. Campusano grounds it to Perdomo, who boots it, but Perdomo is still able to make the play with the catcher running. Carpenter walks. Grisham now batting. Wonder if the Nationals sent him a World Series ring in 2019? He played a key role... Grisham walks as well. Kim grounds out to Perdomo on a low pitched that might have been ball 4 had he not swung.

Third inning

Technical difficulties with my router, so I missed this but Pham tripled and gameday says “injury delay” but no one came out. Walker grounds out, and in the process Waldron’s glove came flying off. Scoring from 3B is Pham. TL will talk to the umps because if that was intentional it is a 3 base error. Thomas popped it up to SS.

Tatis 3-0, ball that probably should have been called ball 4 is called a strike, but it won’t matter since the next offering misses badly. Soto grounds out to a diving Perdomo, get the out at 2B, but they can’t complete the double play. That was almost a base hit, so at least they got one out. Machado grounds out to Perdomo, who steps on the bag and throws to 1B. The 2B umpire called Soto safe going into 2B. TL will challenge the safe call. Quick review, and the call is overturned! Allen Campbell 2, Umpires 0. So that’ll go as a 6-3 double play and we get out of the inning.

Fourth inning

Peterson leads things off by flying out to CF. So will Herrera. Perdomo strikes out.

Bogaerts to lead things off. Kelly with 3 walks and 3 hits, 62 pitches. Balls/strikes about 50/50. Bogaerts pops up to shallow RF, Marte having trouble finding it, but Carroll gets it. Cronenworth flies out to Carroll. Campusano doubles down the 3B line, as Bert was going on about Merrill having a 1-2-3 inning and righting the ship. Carpenter dumps a single into RF, and we are tied again. Grisham strikes out look. Merrill at 76 pitches through 4.

Fifth inning

Carroll strikes out swinging. Waldron at 81 pitches. Marte walks on a full count. Pham hits one to left, Soto leaps for it and it goes over his glove! 5-3 Dbacks! Waldron knew it. Walker will strike out. Gurriel pops it up to Cronenworth.

Kim strikes out to lead things off. Tatis pops up to Thomas in shallow CF. Tatis just missed one. Soto takes a called strike and he cant believe it. Takes his time out walks around shaking his head. Get in the box. Soto 3-2, ball 4 misses wide. Merrill pissed at himself. Three consecutive batters have reached 3 ball counts now, as Machado has a full count now, he will ground out to Perdomo.

Sixth inning

LHP Tom Cosgrove in the game for the Padres. He has a 1.57 ERA in 35 games. Thomas check swing, hit his bat and the ball grounds to Cronenworth who tried to rush and wasnt able to field the ball. It is a hit. Peterson walks on a full count. Herrera with a sac bunt, no one covering 3B Thomas was able to round the base and get 23 of the way down the line before Soto came over from LF to cover third and Thomas back to the base. Perdomo sacrifice fly to CF. Kyle Nelson is up in our bullpen. Corbin pops it up to Kim at third. The score is 6-3.

Merrill is out there to start the inning at 97 pitches. Bogaerts flies out to Corbin, but it was iffy at best that he would come up with it. TL now comes out to get Kelly, he will leave the ballgame having thrown 102 pitches of which 56 were strikes. Nelson in the game to face left handed hitting Cronenworth who swings at the first pitch and flies out to Carroll. Nelson throws a 0-2 pitch to Campusano that misses badly. Herrera looks at the ball like, “Bad ball!” before throwing it back. Campusano lines out to Thomas.

Seventh inning

Right handed pitcher, Scott Barlow in the ballgame now for the Padres. Marte sees 8 pitches and strikes out. Pham pops up to Cronenworth. Walker grounds it to the SS deep in the hole, no throw. Gurriel flies out to Tatis.

Nelson will stay out there, Bob Melvin pinch hits for Matt Carpenter with Garrett Cooper. Cooper fouls a pitch straight back and it hits Herrera in the leg. He will be fine, but that definitely hurt. Cooper strikes out. Grisham singles into CF. Seeing some Padres fans leaving. So it’s not just in LA that they leave in the 7th inning... Ginkel now in the game. Since June 1st, he is 3rd in the league with a .73 ERA in 24 IP. Kim, full count, pops up to Marte. Ketel started running towards 2B when Grisham took off, so he had to run back to field it. Tatis strikes out on a check swing.

Eighth inning

Barlow still out there, Cooper stays to play 1B. Thomas singles, for his third hit today. Full count to Peterson swing and a miss, as Thomas steals 2B with no throw. Herrera will strike out. Perdomo strikes out looking on a very questionable third strike call. It was low. Two pitches in his at bat were called “strikes.”

Ginkel is still out there. Soto, Machado and Bogaerts due up. Soto hits a deep fly to CF, Thomas makes the catch on the warning track. Machado hits one to deep right, Corbin won’t get this one, though. Second home run today for Machado. Bogaerts grounds to Perdomo. Cronenworth strikes out. Despite the numbers I posted earlier, Cronenworth finishes the game 0-4.

Ninth inning

Steven Wilson will come on to pitch. Corbin singles through 1B and 2B. Ketel walks. Pham strikes out trying to hit a 3 run homer. Walker strikes out. Gurriel also strikes out. Or hitters not seeing the sweeper very well from Wilson.

Sewald on now. Bottom third of the Padres order. Campusano full count, once again some questionable ball/strike calls, he walks. First pitch to Cooper, he gets HBP. Jose Azocar pinch runs for Cooper. This is going to be a “Fernando Rodney experience”, isn’t it? Grisham grounds to Walker, who takes it to first, both runners are now in scoring position. Kim, first pitch was outside, called a strike, this umpire is guessing. Kim 3-1, fouls it back, next pitch makes Walker back pedal into the OF but he gets it. Tatis now the batter, two outs in the 9th, tying run is on second base. Tatis to a 3-0 count, slider misses badly inside. Bases are now loaded for Juan Soto. First offering, misses a foot into the right handed batters box, 1-1, now Soto swings and a miss! A strike away...ball two. Soto tattoos a ball to deep LF, Gurriel has it for the final out at the wall! That looked like it was a walkoff grand slam. I think everyone in the ballpark thought that was a walkoff grandslam. Both Sewald’s and Soto’s reaction to Gurriel catching it were epic.

We win it by a score of 6-4. Time of the ballgame is 3:22. We were 2-13 RISP and the Padres were 1-5. Both teams had 8 LOB. Game 2 will be at 5:40, the regularly scheduled Saturday game. The starters are listed as Darvish for the Padres and still TBD for the Dbacks.

Personally, I would award COTN to this exchange, but Jack’s comment had the most reccs.