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Meme Monday 8/14: Turn The Team Around

Streaks and roster moves incoming!

Wow, Carson Kelly has been DFA’d and Hazen essentially said that the move was made because Gabby was coming back and after looking at the 1st half record/play, Hazen decided Carson Kelly was the odd man out. Speaking of DFA, Kristian Robinson was also removed from the 40-man roster and I have yet to read why. Could the D-backs resign him? Will another team kick the tires on Robinson? Who knows? Is Nick Ahmed on the hot-seat? Recently the D-backs promoted Jordan Lawlar, the team’s #1 prospect, to Reno. Things sure are shaking up. The Diamondbacks are 2.5 games out of the wildcard with just a little over 40 games to go and anything can happen. Just like the memes. Enjoy.


Baghdad B.O.B. says: EVERYTHINGS FINE!