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Snake Bytes: 7/9 Walking and Carrolling

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Syndication: Arizona Republic Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Team News

I will admit, I originally was going to have my lead art be a picture of Ketel Marte, and title this Snake Bytes “you’re an allstar to US” but then this happened...

And I feel like Walker’s play in the top half of the 10th is more than warranted inclusion in this.

Corbin Carroll walks off the Pirates in dramatic Diamondbacks’ win
Arizona Diamondbacks’ defense key in win over Pirates

Little Things Add Up in D-backs Comeback Win Over Pirates

“It’s a great win, you’re up against it and against an All-Star closer, we just kept fighting all day long” said D-backs manager Torey Lovullo. “Their All-Star starter was no-hitting us for most of the game, but we just kept grinding him down. We made some very critical plays defensively, we had some very clutch at-bats, which led to us winning the baseball game.”

D-backs move RHP Jameson to 60-day IL, option OF Lewis

Drey Jameson to miss significant time with elbow injury, D-backs to get 2nd opinion

D-backs Seeking Second Opinion on Drey Jameson’s UCL

“We asked a lot of him. We asked him to start, to get stretched out, then we put him in a bullpen situation when he made the team. Then we asked him to start again. We felt like we could do it one time, we triggered that one time, we felt like the indicators that he’d be fine. We’re trying to piece together how it went wrong right now. I just had a brief conversation with him. He feels like there’s something he could have done better, I feel like there’s something I could have done better, everybody’s taking responsibility. But ultimately it’s on my watch and I don’t like it, we need to figure out a way to prevent injuries for any of our guys.”

D-backs prospects Jordan Lawlar, Ryan Bliss to start in MLB Futures Game

Setting the D-backs Draft Board Part 3: Possible Pitchers

Other Baseball

Today is rounds 1 and 2 of the 2023 MLB Draft, it will be on ESPN at 4pm in Arizona, 7pm EST and 1AM for DBE an Europe.

Here is the draft news site, complete with top 250 prospect list and trackers, etc

I believe we will be having a GDT style thread about the draft, but I am not sure. Stay tuned. (Jim can edit my blurb about the draft if he sees fit)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled, “other baseball”

Manning leads the way as Tigers combine to no-hit Blue Jays

Good thing Hinch didn’t let Manning throw 149 pitches for THIS no hitter... (sarcasm)

“This was kind of hard,” said Hinch, who has managed individual and combined no-hitters in his career. “Matty was grinding the whole day. He didn’t feel great the whole day. He was getting looked at by the trainer every inning. He’s had a long run of injuries. But when you’re the manager, [those are] just excuses when something big is going on.

Manning, Foley and Lange combine to no-hit Blue Jays

9 fun stats and facts about Tigers’ combined no-no

Elly did WHAT?! A stolen-base sequence you’ll have to see to believe

Arraez bumps average to .388 with pinch-hit single

Mikolas returns to form in final start of first half

Drew Rasmussen To Undergo Season-Ending Surgery

Anything Goes

Career appearances for Dbacks tracker:
Ziegler: 377

Chafin: 375

This day in history:
The enigma key was broken in 1941. First female army officer in 1947.

This day in baseball:

Horses cannot breathe through their mouths.

Horses don’t have an instinct to breathe through their mouths because their soft palate seals their pharynx except when swallowing. Horses can’t breathe through a sealed pharynx, and that is why they only breathe through their nostrils.

Before Alexander Fleming named penicillin, he called it “mold juice.”

He was from Scotland.
It may sound like a term someone coined on Tumblr, but Alexander Flaming did refer to penicillin as “mold juice” when he discovered it in 1928.