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Meme Monday 7/31: Bring Me a Win

Friends, it’s all bad. The Diamondbacks are falling in the rankings and WC race. Why is that? Lots of injuries, especially on the pitching side. Not that Zach Davies was good, but his IL stint leaves us 1 starter short. Jameson is out for the foreseeable future, and now Tommy Henry is down with elbow inflammation. Speaking of pitching, how about that bullpen and bullpen management? Chafin looks like he is burnt out, Castro is practically useless, and McERA is the new T.J. McFarland. The offense looks like it doesn’t give a damn. Walker and Gurriel have fallen off the power-map, there’s little run game, no excitement, no answer-backs. Since 2020’s disastrous season there’s been 1 excuse after the other. Fans and stat guys alike have been saying that 2020 was a fluke and give Hazen and Torey a pass on that season - 2021 and 2022 would be better. Now it’s 2023 and we are still dealing with the same bullpen issues and pitching problems in general. How long shall we endure this? There’s always next year and we can just keep pushing the competition window back I guess. After all, we’re like #1 in the farm and we have all these wonderful ‘prospects’


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