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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 16

Onwards we march into the second half!

A man crouches behind a banner that says PGA: the Professional Golfers Association. Only his head and shoulders are visible, and he is holding a cup style trophy just above the banner Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Welcome back!

Last week, I asked you to help the Diamondbacks out with a rebrand and come up with a new team name. I was surprised at the number of good, real suggestions we got, but thankfully those were well balanced with PYW’s appropriate mockery :-)

There’s a tie for third this week between kilnborn and Makakilo for third place, both contestants getting two recs apiece!

After an evening at the stadium, Ken Kendrick renames the club the Arizona Crickets - kilnborn
The Arizona Gila Woodpeckers. The birds, which thrive in the Sonoran desert, are brash and noisy-capturing a new team characteristic that they will compete for the playoffs every season - Makakilo

In second place, we find our current leader, SpencerO’Gara with 3 recs!

The Arizona Diamondbacks will trail blaze the concept of eliminating the Location from a team name and instead opt for a descriptor of the location everyone knows. They will become the Sunshine Scorpions! The new mascots will be a Cactus and their Cactus Wren (because why change the weird nature of the franchise’s mascot 25 years in?), named Cassie and wRen.

Golden State walked so the Sunshine Scorpions could run

And taking the top spot on the podium gzimmerm with four recs!

Embrace the Old West with the Arizona Desperados. It lends to great costuming ideas plus it already has a theme song, although the Eagles are might touchy with their copyrights

I actually think that one’s got a nice ring to it. c


Players Score
Players Score
Spencer O'Gara 9
gzimmerm 8
Kilnborn 7
Jack Sommers 5
Diamondhacks 4
NikT77 3
Makakilo 2

It was close, but Spencer just keeps his hold on the top spot in the standings. However, their podium finishes this week mean that gzimmerm and kilnborn are now right behind him, and the rest of the field aren’t too far behind them. We’re still easily in the early stages of the half where one strong first place finish could launch a new contender straight to the top.

For that, though, we need this weeks prompt. Chase Field’s failing infrastructure was once again in the news this week, even though the Diamondbacks were on the road. Chase was playing host to a couple of Bro Country concerts, and during the first night, the AC went out due to the combination of 119 degree temps outside and a sell out crowd inside, which I think is just the most AZ thing ever. So pick another stadium and give me a similar accidental situation that just makes sense. Go!