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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 13

Who will get the first spot in the finale?

The World Baseball Classic trophy with an out of focus baseball field in the background Photo by Jasen Vinlove/Miami Marlins/Getty Images

Welcome back!

Last week, I gave you the final prompt of the first half, I asked you to come up with a superstition for the Diamondbacks to ensure that they will finish the second half strong. Very, very light responses, and just one comment getting multiple recs, so without further ado, in second place, with one rec each, we have Diamondhacks, Jack, and Spencer!

After every Dback hit, the batter/baserunner raps three times on the chest of the nearest available fielder, and shrieks “Knock on wood!” - Diamondhacks
With every base hit the dugout chants in unison “nice piece of hitting” then points up to the broadcast booth - Jack Sommers
The Diamondbacks should bring all their pets to the ballpark on every odd numbered days and work out with them on the field. - Spencer O’gara

And in first place, kilnborn with four recs!

The Diamondbacks should sacrifice Pavin Smith to Jobu

After that, let’s see how the first half standings shake out!


Players Score
Players Score
kilnborn 30
Jack Sommers 29
Spencer O'Gara 23
Makakilo 16
NikT77 14
gzimmerm 13
Diamondhacks 9
FootstepsFalco16 9
Dano_In_Tucson 8
Steak85 8
Snake_Bitten 6
MrRbi17 5
Justin27 4
Michael McDermott 3
SafeTWire389 3
Smurf1000 3
LeftFieldCorNWer 2

It came out ultra close but ultimately kilnborn came away with the first spot in the finale! Now, in the second half, we’ll determine who they’ll go head to head with in the final week of the season. Their top three rec’d entries will face off the top three entries from our second half finalist.

Before we move into that, I do want to make a quick housekeeping note. Going forward, an entry will need to have multiple recs to recieve a spot on the podium. Something to keep in mind going forward.

Now, for our first prompt of the second half. I want you to choose a Diamondback and tell me what they are bringing to the summer BBQ and why. Go!