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Snake Bytes 7/18: Into the Gauntlet

All eyes are currently split between the series in Atlanta and how potential trade chips are playing

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

[Baseball Trade Values] Updated Player Values

If you like to play around with hypotheticals, the “best” trade simulator for MLB has updated their calculations leading into the trade deadline.

[MLB] Each team’s strategy for the Trade Deadline

Steve Gilbert has the D’Backs listed as “Buy without mortgaging the future.” He lists the top target as backend bullpen depth and says the team could deal from the depth of the farm (not Lawlar/Jones) or MLB roster depth (outfield).

Some interesting perspectives on other teams’ approaches as well if you’re interested in who may end up good partners for Hazen two weeks from now.

[MLB] Draft Signing Tracker

This link will let you know which draft picks Arizona has signed and for what amount of money. The bonus pool rules get mildly complicated, but the basics are:

  • Each pick in the top 10 rounds gets value. You can exceed that total a little, but don’t expect Hazen to do that
  • The money can be spent on whomever you want (all rounds)
  • Any player who attended the Draft Combine and took the physical is guaranteed 75% of slot value (this will be true of most players, but fans don’t get to know exactly who took these steps)
  • Picks in rounds 11-20 do not get assigned bonus values. They can receive any bonus amount, but all the money over $150K still counts toward the total pool, so don’t expect someone to receive $1million from here
  • If a player from rounds 1-10 does not sign, the team loses the value of that pick from their total bonus pool

Baseball News

[Baseball Trade Values] What’s Next for the Mets and Padres?

An interestingly in depth look at two of the most disappointing teams in baseball this season. It’s 10-days outdated, and leans heavily on their formula for calculating a player’s value, but thought provoking nonetheless.

[MLB] 2024 mock: An early peek at potential Top 20 Draft picks

For anyone who has already given up on Arizona’s 2023 season and wants to look ahead at what players may be in play next July, here is a way too early look!

[MLB] Here is the All-Trade Candidate Team

The odds of Arizona ending up with one of these players would appear fairly minimal right now. But stranger things have happened.

[FanGraphs] Trade Value Series

Honorable Mentions



[MLBTR] Mozeliak Discusses Cardinals’ Deadline, Rotation, Outfield

Plenty of names and rumors to whet Arizona fans’ appetites here.