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Meme Monday 7/17: If It’s Broke, Fix It.

D-backs need to pull themselves up by their cleat-straps

Friends, these are dark times. The Diamondbacks have won just 5 of their last 15 games, have dropped to 3rd in the NLWest standings, and are now barely holding onto the last wild card spot. WTF happened? We must all pray to Crom that this gets turnaround and quickly. While we wait for Crom to answer our prayers the team can do it’s part, by winning games. This team has so much speed and so much talent in the offense that it has to start picking up the average pitching. Remember the Answerbacks? Pepperidge farm remembers. I want to see more bunts, more grit, create chaos and havoc for the opposing defenders. Make the other team look like little leaguers with their 1st glove. Well, that’s my rant and here are the memes. Enjoy.

No OC today, times is tuff in the slums I from.

Found Memes:

And we still lost the game...smh
Actually, 1 OC.