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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 15

What new promotions will we be seeing our Dbacks supporting?

Elias Diaz lifts a crystal bat above his head, celebrating his naming as the MVP of the MLB All Star Game Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back!

By the time you read this, I will be secluded in White Mountains, far from the burdens of modern civilization and 118 degree temperatures. It shall be wonderful. So, in other words, behave.

Anyway, last week, I put you in charge of coming up with new, triggered promotions (like five runs = tacos). Ton of great entries this week, but there is only room on the podium for three winners. Coming in with three recs, NikT77 takes third!

Every time Zach Davies gives up a dong, Castle Boutique gives him a dong to do with as he pleases.

(in extreme George Takei voice) Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy

In second place, with four recs, Diamondhacks!

Win a Black + Decker Mini Tool Set !!! Any time a Dback prospect wrenches his arm out of its socket

If this promotion were real, I’d have two Black + Decker Mini Tool Sets. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s strange that it’s happened twice

And taking home the top spot in our competition this week, kilnborn with 5 recs!

Circle K is giving away on efree bottle of Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon with the purchase of a large drink the same day when the Diamondbacks score zero or fewer runs! *At participating locations. Limit one per customer, while supplies last. Not available in Tucson


Players Score
Players Score
Spencer O'Gara 6
Jack Sommers 5
Kilnborn 5
Diamondhacks 4
gzimmerm 4
NikT77 3

Three new names join the leaderboard and everyone is right there together. Who will join them next week? Only one way to find out!

As far as I know, there are no plans to rebrand the Diamondbacks. But if there were, what would you rename the team? Go!