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2023 MLB All-Star Game Gameday Thread

Which of our four All-Stars will see action today?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Rondone-USA TODAY Sports

The D-backs have two All-Star starters for the first time since 2001. That year, also in Seattle, Luis Gonzalez started a game in center for the only time in his career after 1995 - some guy called “Bonds” was in left! - and Randy Johnson took the mound. Today, it’ll be the rather younger Corbin Carroll in left, while Zac Gallen is the starting pitcher. Let’s hope he mistakes T-Mobile Park for Chase Field, since so far this year, Gallen is a very much All-Star worthy 9-0 with a 1.48 ERA at home, but a considerably more humdrum 2-3 with a 5.08 ERA in any other park. He has never pitched in Seattle before, so I guess it could go either way. I doubt he’ll work more than two innings, if that, so I recommend being in your seat on time.

I’m not sure if Carroll will even get to swing, considering the fraught week he had with his shoulder before the break. If he does, I imagine D-backs fans holding their breath for the entire plate appearance, because it would suck entirely to lose him due to a swing in what is now back to being a meaningless exhibition game again. He may simply be allowed to run the field for an inning or two, then replaced. We’ll also see if our bench players, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Geraldo Perdomo, make it in there. I’m still coming to terms with the phrase, “Geraldo Perdomo, All-Star.” Still, I have to give Makakilo credit, for writing last December, “Geraldo Perdomo’s performance will be surprisingly impressive.” I think this counts!

The game will be on FOX, for those of you who still have cable. Here are some game odds, from - where are you going to put your SnakePit Dollars in this one?

MLB Al-Star Game

  • National League -120 (5/6)
  • American League +100 (1/1)
  • Over/Under 7.5 runs

Margin of Victory

  • American League by 1 Run 7/2 (+350)
  • National League by 4 or More Runs 15/4 (+375)
  • American League by 4 or More Runs 5/1 (+500)
  • National League by 1 Run 11/2 (+550)
  • American League by 2 Runs 7/1 (+700)
  • National League by 2 Runs 7/1 (+700)
  • National League by 3 Runs 35/4 (+875)
  • American League by 3 Runs 19/2 (+950)

All Star Game MVP (selected)

  • Shohei Ohtani 5/1
  • Ronald Acuna Jr 7/1
  • Freddie Freeman 10/1
  • Corbin Carroll 16/1
  • Zac Gallen 33/1
  • Geraldo Perdomo 66/1
  • Lourdes Gurriel Jr 66/1

Will there be a Run in the 1st Inning?

  • Yes +105 (21/20)
  • No -135 (20/27)

Team to Score 1st Run

  • National League -135 (20/27)
  • American League +105 (21/10)

Total Home Runs in Game

  • Over/Under 3½

Will Shohei Ohtani Hit a Home Run?

  • Yes +500 (5/1)
  • No -900 (1/9)

Total Strikeouts in Game

  • Over/Under 22½