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Arizona Diamondbacks 2023 Draft Thread, Day 3

An open thread, covering round #11-20

MLB Draft presented by Nike Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This will be an open thread as we chew over the selections made in rounds eleven through twenty, which will finish off the 2023 MLB draft. Things kick off at 11 am Arizona time, and I’m not sure if there will be a live stream on Think there might be, but the official press release didn’t mention it, just that the Draft Tracker will be in action. There will be no delay between picks, so it should gallop on quite quickly. Arizona will be picking 11th in these rounds. I’m not expecting there to be much information about most of these picks, as we have just about cleared out the top 250 prospects over the first couple of days, where a total of 314 players were chosen.

Looks like ten are still left, as high as #42. But they are almost all high-school players, including Roch Cholowsky from Hamilton, here in Arizona, who is ranked 44th. But the general consensus is that they will probably go through college and look to get a higher pick when they come out the other side. It’s still worth paying attention here though. As the article says, “Five of this year’s All-Stars were taken and signed in the 10th round or later when they first entered pro ball: Jordan Romano (10th), Nathan Eovaldi (11th), Josh Hader (19th), J.D. Martinez (20th) and David Bednar (35th).” The last-named wouldn’t even have been chosen under the current system of only twenty rounds.

We’ll update this with the picks... well, I’m not going to say “as they happen,” so let’s go with “in a somewhat timely manner, before the setting of the sun.” Feel free to chip in with any information about them in the comments.

Here’s the first batch, rounds 11-15. All college pitchers so far.

11th round, #325. Casey Anderson, Utah Valley, RHP

12th round, #355. Sam Knowlton, University of South Alabama, RHP

13th round, #385. Hayden Durke, Rice, RHP

14th round, #415. Jake Fitzgibbons, Tennessee, LHP

15th round, #445. Rio Britton, NC State, LHP

And the final batch. Three more college pitchers, a local 2B and a HS pitcher.

16th round, #475. Matthew Linskey, Rice, RHP

17th round, #505. Carlos Rey, Nova Southeastern University, LHP

18th round, #535. Alec Baker, Dallas Baptist, RHP

19th round, #565. Wyatt Crenshaw, Arizona St U, 2B

20th round, #595. Dominic Voegele, Columbia HS, RHP