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Meme Monday 6/5: Still On Top

We lose, they lose, we all lose, but win. Winning. 1st place.

Before yesterday’s top of the 9th meltdown, Miguel Castro hadn’t allowed any runs through 10 innings. Right of the bat his pitches were out of control and landing out of the zone. He ended up loading the bases, got a quick 2nd-out liner to Perdomo, and then Rosario introduced us all to his Grand Salami. It was huge in the sense that the series was pretty much sealed in favor of ATL and the Diamondbacks would drop their second game in a row. Luckily the Dodgers lost (again) and we remain atop the NL West. Diamondbacks’ offense to me is looking better, but we have to rethink Pavin Smith as leadoff. Sure, like every 4th game he might do something amazing with the bat, but his presence in the OF is not needed, and he’s going 0-4 as leadoff in some games. Aside from all that, sweeping the Rockies was hella sweet. 1st sweep of the year, 4 game set, big wins. Anyhow, both the D-backs and Dodgers are off today so enjoy the NL West division lead and some memes.


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