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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 9

So what are we betting on?

Three female athletes run past the camera on a track field with the center one holding a trophy William Bretzger/Delaware News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

And welcome back! Full disclosure, I am writing this on my phone from the security line at Phoenix Fan Fusion, so apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.

Last week, I asked you to come up with a new betting line featuring our Diamondbacks. Only three comments got recs this week, and two of them were a tie, so in second place we have Jack Sommers with 2 recs!

-250 That kilnborn, the funniest man on the Snakepit wins the PYWs contest now that he’s decided to play

Hmmmmm piggybacking on another player’s success seems fishy to me, but I’ll allow it.

And in first place we have Spencer O’gara and MrRbi17 with 3 recs!

AZ Cardinals, Dbacks, Coyotes, and Suns all win championships in our lifetimes. +1,000,000 — MrRBI17
+650 on the number of Arizona Diamondbacks fans in the first Chase Field Post Season Game since 2017 outnumbering the Los Angeles Dodgers as they come visit us after winning the Wild Card Round! -Spencer O’gara

I honestly don’t think I would take either of these bets, sorry to say.

Well the first casualty of me doing this on my phone is I can’t get the standings imbedded in the article. What I can tell you is the standings didn’t change a whole lot, but it did get a lot closer up at the top. Kilnborn retains his top spot with 23 recs, but Jack and Spencer are right behind him with 22 each.

I have something of a tradition here every Fan Fusion. Cosplay is the concept of not just dressing as a character but to some extent embody the character through the day and is an integral part of the Comicon experience. Pick a Diamondback player and tell me what pop culture character they would choose to cosplay. Go!