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Meme Monday 6/26: Still Atop

4 of 7 on the road ain’t bad at all

Friends, it wasn’t a pretty road trip, but the D-backs came out on top of it overall taking 4 of 7 games and avoiding the sweep in SF against a very, very hot Giants team. There was that 1 game in the middle of things, the makeup game in Washington. The Diamondbacks took the game and the official sweep of that series. The SF series was toughest of all. Some pitching struggles, some bonehead plays, and some cooling bats all contributed to the series loss. But like I said, overall it wasn’t a bad road trip, and the Diamondbacks still lead the NL West...with a tiny buffer. Anyhow, enjoy the memes I found in the wild. No OC today, things are tight.


Found Memes: