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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 12

We finally answer the question we’ve all been asking for years...

A table full of trophies sits in front of a person in silhouette Sara Diggins/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome back!

Last week, I asked you the most important question that we’ve addressed in this series: Why does Rob Manfred hate baseball fans? Lots of great ideas, some concerning ideas (looking at you gzimmerm), but ultimately, we’ll never know. The human mind isn’t designed to comprehend such malice.

Anyway, in third place, joining the leaderboard for the first time this season we have Michael with three recs!

Because Manfred is in a bet with Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, and Adam Silver to see who can do the most damage to their own sport

I hope Manfred didn’t put too much money on the line for that, because as much as I dislike the guy, Goodell is running circles around him.

In second place, we find Jack with four recs!

A promotional picture from the TV series Better Call Saul, but with Rob Manfred’s smiling face photoshopped over Saul’s with the caption, Love money more than baseball? Better call Rob!

Well, the owners are getting what they paid for then...

And finally in first place, Hacks with six recs!

Because they (emphasis) laughed at him in Little League

Yeah, that’s shallow enough to track


Players Score
Players Score
Jack Sommers 28
kilnborn 25
Spencer O'Gara 22
Makakilo 16
NikT77 14
gzimmerm 13
FootstepsFalco16 9
Dano_In_Tucson 8
Diamondhacks 8
Steak85 8
Snake_Bitten 6
MrRbi17 5
Justin27 4
Michael McDermott 3
SafeTWire389 3
Smurf1000 3
LeftFieldCorNWer 2

Well we have just one more prompt left in the first half of the season, and Jack moves into first place by three recs. Really, any of the top three still have a chance, but everyone else has a chance to play spoiler potentially! But to see who will be crowned the first half champion, we need a final prompt.

Last night, I was getting caught up on the newest season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and there was an episode focused on supersitions and bad luck featuring Chase Utley. That got me thinking. Name one (superstitious) thing that the Diamondbacks should to ensure that they will finish the season strong. Go!