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Meme Monday 6/19: Back to Life. Back to Reality.

Is that song stuck in your head now?

Friends, the Diamondbacks split the homestand 3-3, thankfully. The Phillies series was a kick in the gut, and the final game of the Guardians series was eerily similar to some of the shttshow we witnessed in the Phillies series. Overall there are some positives. Gallen’s fastball is back. Corbin Carroll is still our MVP, and the Dodgers got swept at home.

The D-backs now head to Milwaukee for a 3 game set. Then they head to Washington to make up the ‘Smoked-Out’ game and then on to SF to face a roaring hot Giant’s team. 7 total games on the roundtrip and the D-backs need to take at least 4 of them. Here’s to hoping, and here’s to the memes. Enjoy.


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