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Dbacks 7, Tigers 5: Of course Carroll and Walker would be in the middle of a 9th inning rally.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s This morning’s matchup features Zac Gallen against Joey Wentz for the Tigers. The Tigers have dropped their last 8 games and are 1-10 in their last 11 games. They have scored 23 runs, while giving up 56 during that stretch. Three out of their 6 runs came on Friday, in the couple of innings after our 7 run 7th.

In his last 3 starts Gallen has bounced back well from his bad start in Pittsburgh. Indeed, his “worst” start was last time out against Atlanta. He went 6 innings and gave up 9 hits and 3 runs along with a home run. He has never faced the Tigers. I know, I know interleague play.
Joey Wentz was drafted 1-40, by the Braves in 2016. The same draft that saw current Dback Kyle Lewis go to Seattle at 1-11. The Dbacks’ only selection in the first round that year was...Anfernee Grier? O. o Is that like a Noochi Varner? Wentz’ 1-6 record and 7.49 ERA speak for themselves. He has given up 11 long balls in 51 innings, along with 22 walks. He has a FIP of 5.62 and a WHIP of 1.76.

Anyway, you want a recap not a preview that you’re not going to read until this things over, so without further ado:

First inning

It looks like we are actually going to have an opener for the Tigers, right hander Will Vest. Marte popped up to 2B. Then Corbin Carroll triples to RF! Unfortunatly, we can’t bring him home as both Gurriel and Walker fly out.

McKinistry starts off their half with a groundout to Marte. Torkelson strikes out on a pitch up and away. Generous strike 3 call by the ump, Torkelson didn’t like it, didn't argue but just stood their for a few seconds. Carpenter singled to LF. Baez singled in front of Pavin. Maton lines one down to LF, Carroll dives into foul territory, its fair and bounces out of play. One run is in on the ground rule double. Now its 2 runners in scoring position with 2 out. Haase strikes out to end it.

Second inning

Now in the game for the Tigers is Joey Wentz. Longoria walks on a 3-1 count, Wentz missed badly with ball 4. Pavin Smith homers to LF! Carpenter kept going back and back and ran out of room. I thought it was going to be an out. Ahmed strikes out. Moreno flies out to CF. McCarthy grounds out to Baez.

Now that we answered back, let’s see how Gallen does. It’s 68* in Detroit, and our guys will be on early morning time so I wonder how much that will effect performances. Gallen strikes out Miggy on 3 pitches, the third pitch was basically a golf swing at a low one. Schoop on a 3-2 pitch, grounds out to Ahmed. Gallen doesn’t seem like he has his best stuff so far. Marisnick helps out, first pitch hacking and Ahmed throws him out.

Third inning

Marte and Carroll both fly out to RF. Carroll took it to the warning track. Gurriel flies out to RF. Nothing doing.

McKinistry flies out to McCarthy. Torkelson doubles on a hit over Carroll’s head. Caromed of the bottom of the wall. Carpenter lines one into CF for a single. We have first third with one out. Baez flies out to McCarthy and Torkelson will tag and score. No advancement from Carpenter. Maton has the count 3-2, grounds to 1B, bounces off the bag but Walker still able to make the play, 3U. Gallen has 5 hits allowed through 3.

Fourth inning

Walker grounds out to Baez. Longoria strikes out. Eight straight retired since Pavin’s home run. Pavin will ground out to Baez to end it.

Haase grounds out to Ahmed. Cabrera gets hit number 3,111, passing Dave Winfield (single up the middle). Scoop pops it up to Walker coming in, the pop up only went about 20 feet. Marisnick doubles into the gap in left center. Cabrera is able to score from 1B. Marisnick homers to RF on the first pitch he sees, 5-2 is the score and Gallen is at 57 pitches. Gameday shows that the pitch to Marisnick was a hanging cutter. Another full count, and Torkelson walks. Strom out to the mound. Carpenter is 3-3 now with a single to RF. Baez strikes out to end it.

Fifth inning

Ahmed grounds to 3B to start our 5th. Moreno strikes out swinging. Eleven straight retired now by Joey Wentz. We are making the guy that came into this game with a 7.49 era look like a Cy Young candidate. On a 1-2 pitch, McCarthy tries to check his swing, but it doesnt matter as its a strike anyway. Twelve straight now.

Maton flies out to McCarthy, not well hit, but I shook my head when I heard the sound. Haase flies out to Pavin. Cabrera strikes out. Interesting graphic, he leads all players with 404 hits during interleague play. Might as well put an asterisk on that, though, as interleague has only been around since I think 1995.

Sixth inning

Marte walks on 4 pitches and we finally have a base runner. Carroll showed bunt on the first offering, he will end up flying out to CF. Jose Cisnero now on to pitch. He has played parts of 7 seasons and it looks like hes having a decent year. Gurriel pops up to Torkelson, Schoop was also charging for it and him and Haase collide. Everyone is ok. Walker hits a deep fly to the RF corner and McKinistry makes a great diving catch to get him.

Gallen still on the mound, he is at 78 pitches. Full count to Schoop, ball way high. Gallen gives a ‘oh geez” look/gesture after delivering it. Marisnick singles to LF. McKinistry flies out to Carroll on the warning track. On 1-0, Gallen hangs a curve to Torkelson, who lines it foul, he will end up popping up to Marte on the outfield grass. Torey Lovullo will go get Gallen now. Kyle Nelson in the game now, to face left handed hitting Kerry Carpenter who is 3-3 today. Carpenter with the backwards K.

Seventh inning

Longoria walks. Then AJ Hinch goes and gets Cisnero and brings in LHP Chasen Shreve to face Smith. This should end well. Despite my snark , Pavin singles, so we have two on with nobody out. Ahmed goes fishing for the first out. Moreno grounds into a FC4-6. Rivera to pinch hit for McCarthy and Hinch will counter with a move of his own and bring in RHP Alex Lange. Rivera strikes out to end the frame.

Josh Rojas comes into the game to play RF, Rivera remains in the game to play 3B and Ginkel comes into the game to pitch. Baez strikes out swinging. We now just have Perdomo and Herrera on the bench. Maton, on a full count, grounds to Marte for the out. Haase will strike out.

Eighth inning

Lange still in it for the Tigers. Marte grounds out to Baez. Carroll 3-1, lines one to LF, Carpenter cant field the hop so Carroll is in to second with a double. 2-1 count to Gurriel and Carroll steals 3B with no throw! Gurriel grounds out to 3B, and CC scores. Walker doubles to left-center. Hinch will bring in LHP Tyler Holton to face Rojas. Actually, scratch that, Perdomo is pinch hitting for Rojas, Rojas entered the game last inning and will not have a plate appearance. Perdomo walks on a full count. Here is Pavin with 2 on and 2 out, he will walk on a full count. Ahmed will bat with the bases loaded and he strikes out to end it.

Perdomo will remain in the game to play 2B, marte moves to CF and Carroll moves from CF to LF. Ginkel still in there. Cabrerea flies out to RF. Apparently I missed a switch somewhere because CC went LF-CF-LF. Oh well. Full count to Schoop, he walks. Zack Short will pinch run for Schoop. Marisnick grounds into a 6-4-3 double play.

Ninth inning

Jason Foley will come on to pitch for the Tigers, Short will stay in the game and play 2B, with Maton going to 3B. Moreno, Rivera and Marte due up for the Dbacks. Moreno grounds out to a charging Short playing second (lol). Rivera, struck out in his plate appearance a couple of innings ago, he will single through the middle of the infield. Marte up, with Carroll on deck, he will walk on a full count. Two on, with one out for Corbin Carroll. He grounds through the SS for a single, scoring is Rivera and there are runners on 1B and 2B. Gurriel flies out to McKinistry. Last chance now, Christian Walker, down to the final strike Walker lines to LF, Carpenter picks it up and bobbles it! Marte and Carroll both score! On the first pitch he sees, Perdomo lines to LF and scores Walker! Smith flies out to end it.

The Tigers were ONE strike away from winning 5-3 and instead will bat in the bottom of their 9th down 2 runs!

Andrew Chafin on to pitch. Ibanez will PH for Short. Some shell shocked looking fans out there lol. Ibanez triples to CF. Torkelson lines out to Walker. Carpenter walks. TL will get Chafin and bring in McGough. He will face Baez with one out and runners on the corners. Baez strikes out swinging. Maton first pitch he sees, swings through it trying to hit a 3 run shot, 2-2, he grounds out to Perdomo for the final out!

I was complaining about the lack of offense and they scored 5 runs in the last two innings with 4 coming in the 9th! Hell of a comeback and game! Time of the ballgame, 2:57.

How about that graph!

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