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Pit Your Wits ‘23: Week 10

The penultimate week of the first half!

A man takes a photo of himself with a silver cup style trophy while the trophy sits on a table Brandon Magpantay/ Special to The Desert Sun / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome back! Last week, in honor of Phoenix Fan Fusion, I asked you to tell me what each Diamondback player would cosplay as. And lest you think this is out of the realm of possibility, one of the police officers providing security told me that David Eckstein was in attendance this year. Wasn’t able to find him though. There were a lot of storm troopers.

Anyway, in third place, with two recs each, we have Jack Sommers, Kilnborn, and LeftFieldCorNWer!

A promotional shot from the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit with the words “Christian Walker stars in” photoshopped near the top, along with Christian Walker’s official headshot photoshopped over the main character’s face - Jack Sommers
Christian Walker as “Buffalo Bill” from the Silence of the Lambs. “IT PUTS THE BASEBALL IN THE STRIKEZONE OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN!” -Kilnborn
I was thinking Road Runner for Corbin Carrol (meep meep) - LeftFieldCorNWer

All very outside the box! I like it!

In second place, we have FootstepsFalco16 with three recs!

Lourdes Gurriel should dress his hair up as Spongebob’s pineapple under the sea house. He can put a little SpongeBob and Gary figurine in it and then wear shoulder pads that extend to have Squidward’s house and Patrick’s rock also beside it.

I’m not kidding at all when I say someone who did that cosplay wouldn’t be able to walk more than a couple feet before someone asks them for another picture

And finally, in first place, we have NikT77 with the obvious choice and five recs

Gotta be Corbin Carroll as The Flash

I say it’s the obvious choice, but give him another month and he might be Superman...


Players Score
Players Score
kilnborn 25
Jack Sommers 24
Spencer O'Gara 22
Makakilo 16
NikT77 14
FootstepsFalco16 9
Dano_In_Tucson 8
gzimmerm 7
Snake_Bitten 6
MrRbi17 5
Steak85 5
Justin27 4
SafeTWire389 3
Smurf1000 3
LeftFieldCorNWer 2

It’s not over yet, but it sure is looking like a three man race between kilnborn, Jack, and Spencer, but with two prompts left Mak and Nik aren’t out of it by any stretch of the imagination.

A quick housekeeping note, though. At the start of the season, I copied and pasted the rules from last year, including how many weeks there were in the season. Last year, the season broke down into two halves of 12. This year, since we didn’t lose a couple weeks due to lock out, each half will actually be 13 weeks. Just FYI

This week, we’re going to make fun of the A’s a bit, because, honestly, they deserve it. They’ve been part of an ongoing Special Session of the Nevada state legislature and to say it isn’t going well for them is something of an understatement. So with Oakland out and Las Vegas seemingly getting close to taking itself out of the running, where should the A’s play moving forward? Go!