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Arizona Diamondbacks and the 2023 Draft: Part 1 - The Draft Pool

The Diamondbacks select 12th in the first round. What does this mean for Arizona?

In 2021, the Diamondbacks selected 6th overall from a deep class of prospects, landing themselves a potential 1:1 talent who dropped down a few slots thanks to other teams trying to game the draft pool bonus system. Last season, the Diamondbacks entered the draft with the second overall pick, assuring them an opportunity to select one of the top prospects in the class. This year though, Arizona will have its work cut out for them, as they are selecting 12th overall in the first round. This position is far enough down in the round that none of the star prospects with big ceiling potential are likely to remain on the board. At least three or four teams ahead of Arizona would be happy to toss out the draft plans should one of the premium prospects start to tumble.

That said, there is impact talent to be found in the middle of the first round. Diamondbacks fans need look no further than the leading NL Rookie of the Year candidate, Corbin Carroll, who was selected 16th overall. Will Mike Hazen and his people strike gold in the middle third of the first round again?

Here is what Arizona gets to work with this season as Mike Hazen seeks to keep the Arizona farm system robust with future MLB talent.

Draft Order

First Round:

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. Washington Nationals
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Texas Rangers
  5. Minnesota Twins
  6. Oakland Athletics
  7. Cincinnati Reds
  8. Kansas City Royals
  9. Colorado Rockies
  10. Miami Marlins
  11. Los Angeles Angels
  12. Arizona Diamondbacks
  13. Chicago Cubs
  14. Boston Red Sox
  15. Chicago White Sox
  16. San Francisco Giants
  17. Baltimore Orioles
  18. Milwaukee Brewers
  19. Tampa Bay Rays
  20. Toronto Blue Jays
  21. St. Louis Cardinals
  22. Seattle Mariners
  23. Cleveland Guardians
  24. Atlanta Braves
  25. San Diego Padres
  26. New York Yankees
  27. Philadelphia Phillies
  28. Houston Astros

The Diamondbacks also hold the following picks later in the draft: 48, 64, 80, 112, 148

All told, the Diamondbacks will have six picks in this year’s draft, having sacrificed none through free agency and gaining one through competitive balance round B.

With only five picks and selecting as a mid-table team, this years draft pool allocation for Arizona will not be as robust as it has been the last few seasons, This will make it more difficult for Arizona to try and get cute with draft pool bonus rules. As such, Arizona will best benefit from taking best signable talent available with each selection.

Bonus Pools By Club

Pirates: $16,185,700
Tigers: $15,747,200
Nationals: $14,502,400
Twins: $14,345,600
Athletics: $14,255,600
Reds: $13,785,200
Mariners: $13,170,900
Marlins: $12,829,600
Royals: $12,313,500
Rockies: $11,909,800
Diamondbacks: $11,084,300
Brewers: $10,950,600
Rays: $10,872,100
Orioles: $10,534,800
Red Sox: $10,295,100
Rangers: $9,925,300
Giants: $9,916,900
White Sox: $9,072,800
Cubs: $8,962,000
Guardians: $8,736,700
Mets: $8,440,400
Braves: $8,341,700
Angels: $8,328,900
Dodgers: $7,274,600
Astros: $6,747,900
Blue Jays: $6,529,700
Cardinals: $6,375,100
Padres: $5,416,000
Yankees: $5,299,400
Phillies: $5,185,500

First round:

1. Pirates: $9,721,000
2. Nationals: $8,998,500
3. Tigers: $8,341,700
4. Rangers: $7,698,000
5. Twins: $7,139,700
6. Athletics: $6,634,000
7. Reds: $6,275,200
8. Royals: $5,980,100
9. Rockies: $5,716,900
10. Marlins: $5,475,300
11. Angels: $5,253,000
12. Diamondbacks: $5,043,800
13. Cubs: $4,848,500
14. Red Sox: $4,663,100
15. White Sox: $4,488,600
16. Giants: $4,326,600
17. Orioles: $4,169,700
18. Brewers: $4,021,400
19. Rays: $3,880,100
20. Blue Jays: $3,746,000
21. Cardinals: $3,618,200
22. Mariners: $3,496,600
23. Guardians: $3,380,900
24. Braves: $3,270,500
25. Padres: $3,165,400
26. Yankees: $3,065,000
27. Phillies: $2,968,800
28. Astros: $2,880,700

There seems to be a growing consensus on who the top-five draft talents in this class are. Likewise, there is a growing consensus on the next group of 10-12 prospects. Arizona will be selecting from that pool. Over the next several weeks, this series will be covering the likely and the intriguing names that Arizona might select.

First up: Colin Houck