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Top 10 Diamondbacks Bobbleheads

What is your favourite bobblehead?

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

When for the article of last week I was looking for some information on “Luchador” I stumbled across the Ketel Marte Luchador bobblehead. Since I haven’t had the time to wrap up a couple of Random D-Back articles, I decided to take a look instead to the different bobbleheads the Diamondbacks have given away throughout the years and give you my own, very unbiased, top 10 ranking.

As far as I could find out, Diamondbacks fans have been able to collect around 85 bobbleheads, gnomes and figurines.

Some hideous and ugly ones, like the Dbacks Zombie Bobblehead that was given away in 2014 or the scary Randy Johnson’s Perfect Game Starting Lineup Figurine from 2019 with his open mouth and pointy nose that looks like at night he will haunt you in your dreams and the dog in your house.

I have no idea who makes these bobbleheads, but surely there is a difference between companies or designers that actually master the design and fabrication of bobbleheads and others that don’t.

Take for example the Goldschmidt bobbleheads. This man has been an icon for the franchise but except for just one that looked a bit like him thanks to the reproduction of his stance, I had troubles in recognising Goldy in any of the others. The same goes for several others, like Patrick Corbin or Taijuan Walker...I mean, it’s Taijuan Walker because the doll says so, but, come on...really???

Here’s a tip to all bobblehead makers out there: if you choose to make a bobblehead from a baseball player, reproduce a batting stance or wind up so we at least can see that you tried to make a certain baseball player, with Robbie Ray’s being a perfect example of that.

Now, without further ado, here is the Top 10.

Number 10: D-backs Hello Kitty Bobblehead

Ok, ok, I can imagine that after seeing this picture you might have the urge to stop reading, but please continue and I hope you will forgive me for listing this one. I don’t really like any Diamondback bobblehead that isn’t representing a player, but I have to admit that for being a “Hello Kitty” toy, stuff that I despise, it is actually kinda...cute! I love the way they dropped the cap right behind the bow, with a snake on it, making it somewhat of a weird combo of seeing Hello Kitty with a venomous animal like a snake. That 2015 Dbacks shirt looks good on her too and she is watching us like “What? Surprised I like the Dbacks?” Let them hear it, Hello Kitty!

On top of that, the Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers 6-0 on April 11, 2015, when Hello Kitty was given to those who wanted her. Can’t do much better than that as a bobblehead.

Number 9: Nick “Ahmed on the Moon” Bobblehead

I love the theme. This bobblehead was given away to commemorate the moon landing and it has all kinds of funny details. The grey base, representing the moon, the flag of Arizona and Diamondbacks being planted and the red snake shades on the shoulder are terrific details of what makes a good themed bobblehead. The only criticism doesn’t really look like Nick Ahmed and if it wasn’t for the number on the suit, would you have guessed it is him? Maybe they should have given him a couple of golden gloves or let him dive, like they did with Gerardo Parra, just so we see a bit more of Nick Ahmed.

This was the last bobblehead give away before COVID appeared. It took place on July 20, 2019, and the Diamondbacks lost 8-3 to the Brewers.

Number 8: Star Wars Day Josh Collmenter bobblehead

I think this is a perfect example of what makes a terrific themed bobblehead. First of all you need to resemble the player a bit. Josh Collmenter had another bobblehead which looks like him too, just like this one. Having some kind of theme is always funny, and Star Wars is a very popular theme for bobbleheads. But the art is to mix a theme, like Star Wars, with baseball so you still know you are actually seeing a baseball player so he is recognizable, not like Paul Goldschmidt’s X-Fighter one.

This bobblehead was given away on July 20, 2014 in a 3-2 win over the Cubs. Josh Collmenter went 7 innings that day, getting the win after giving up just 1 run.

Number 7: Bob Brenly Bobblehead

I will admit that I have a weakness for Bob Brenly. I love hearing him in the booth and being the manager that brought the biggest success so far to Arizona, I can’t let it happen to not include him in a Top 10. This bobblehead is fun because it mixes up Brenly as how he looked like as the D-Backs manager, wearing the classic Diamondbacks shirt and cap, with a baseball in one hand and the mic in his other hand. Maybe they could have added the bomber jacket.

This bobblehead was given away a month after the previous commented one, on August 30, 2014. Unfortunately the Diamondbacks went down 2-0 against the Rockies.

Number 6: Randy Johnson Hall of Fame Bobblehead

The argument for including Bob Brenly can be applied to Randy Johnson as well, but this bobblehead also looks like Johnson. Maybe it could have been improved a bit with having him smile, because he certainly doesn’t look like he is happy with that Hall of Fame plaque. I am not sure how big this one is, but they could have added a bit more height to really have him tower above your other bobbleheads. The classic outfit is a missed opportunity though, Bob Brenly’s is a better one.

This one was given away on July 25, 2015 and the Diamondbacks beat the Brewers then with 2-0.

Number 5: David Peralta Bobblehead

A terrific non-thematic bobblehead of an icon of this franchise: David Peralta. The way he dresses is all David and the way he stands before taking his stance is all David as well. This Peralta bobblehead is the best Diamondbacks’ bobblehead example of how you should make a bobblehead of a hitter. They also have the freight train, but you can’t express that freight train gesture in a bobblehead. You better do it this way, in a nice Los D-Backs uniform.

This bobblehead was a giveaway on September 17, 2016, and the Diamondbacks lost against the Dodgers 6-2. Peralta didn’t play in that game.

Number 4: Archie Bradley Audio Bobblehead

Archie Bradley’s bobblehead looks just like him, with the big beard (they could have made it a bit bigger) and the combover. Archie pointing like he did when he hit his triple is also representing an iconic moment in the franchise’s recent history, with the detail of having the batter’s helmet in his hand. I also like this specific Diamondbacks’ uniform so it just all adds up.

On April 21, 2018, when this bobblehead was handed out, the Diamondbacks beat the Padres 6-2. Archie didn’t appear.

Number 3: Jake Lamb Bobblehead

This bobblehead is pure gold. I love it that Jake isn’t really out there in a baseball field, but probably somewhere out there in the green fields of Washington with a cool snakes shirt and shorts. But the best detail of it all, and maybe the only way we really recognise Jake is because of the little lamb. Now the lamb doesn’t really look like a lamb but more like a “blanc de bouscat”, but the whole thing is really funny and the doll in general is made really well.

Jake Lamb’s bobblehead was a gift on April 8, 2017, when the Diamondbacks beat the Cleveland Indians 11-2.

Number 2: Ketel Marte Luchador bobblehead

Of course you were expecting this bobblehead. Ketel Marte has several ones and I like them all, but this one particularly is terrific. We don’t really know it is Ketel, of course, but the Luchador theme itself is already pretty funny and the combination of that black, red and green, Mexico and Diamondbacks-like is well mixed up. It looks like a luchador and a Diamondbacks’ player, so that adds up. They could have put a big amount of chewing tobacco in his jaws so we know a bit better that it is Ketel, maybe have him reach for his hammies too, but Ketel is like “who’s next” and we love that attitude.

Unfortunately the Diamondbacks lost 5-4 to the Braves on September 8, 2018 and Marte went hitless in 4 ABs so the luchador didn’t spell its magic.

Number 1: Zack Godley Game of Thrones Bobblehead

I am not a Game of Thrones-fan, haven’t even watched an episode, but I love this bobblehead. Godley sits in the throne like the king he was, only just for a little while. His name in that fantasy theme lettering, the way he sits in that throne with a mean look, with a black cape, but with the Diamondbacks uniform all visible. A nice pitcher’s glove and holding a ball in his hand like the medieval kings held a golden sphere, showing off his power, add up to the mighty of this bobblehead by just staring at it. If you have it, lucky you, because it is the best Diamondbacks’ bobblehead out there.

The power of this bobblehead is underlined by the result of the game on May 17, 2019, because the Diamondbacks left the Giants with no chance: 7-0. Godley, however, wasn’t as powerful as his bobblehead in 2019 as he was DFAd not much later that season.

Now tell us about your favourite Diamondbacks’ bobblehead!