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Meme Monday 5/8: Lunch Time and Memes?


Well, it is certainly has been a week. The Diamondbacks split a 2 game set in Texas which saw prospect Brandon Pfaadt make his MLB debut. That game was aite, at best. Pfaadt struggled in his 1st game, but we all know how good Texas is with the bats right now and Pfaadt will have plenty of chances to show us all what the hype is all about. The Diamondbacks then came home to Chase to face the Nationals in a 3 game series. A series which the D-backs won 2 of 3, somehow. The Diamondbacks should have pummeled a team like the Nationals into the turf. No mercy, all kill, smash and grab win in each of these 3 games. But no. The bullpen is continuing to come undone, and the offense is just leaving guys on base like it’s something cool to do. I’m reminded that a series win is still a series win. So I will take what I can get and be happy for the good things. The little things. Anyhow, enjoy your lunch and some memes.


Biggest crybabies in baseball.
Cozy new room

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