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PYW’s 2023: Week 6

Caption contest!

Gallen reacts by throwing his hands up during the game Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back!

Last week, I asked you to come up with a new, signature cocktail for Chase Field, worthy of sharing menus with the other heart-attack inducing food items Levy’s (attempts) to sell at the ballpark. Lots of different approaches to this one. Some sound delicious, some sound terrifying. Others were a little inside baseball from the past of the site. All around a great week though! In third place, we have NikT77 with three recs!

Copper State Mule. Same as a Moscow Mule but with a distinct Arizona connection. Thumb Butte vodka and locally sourced lime complete with a souvenir Diamondbacks branded copper mug made with Arizona copper. Yours for the low low price of 48 dollars

This something that I would seriously drink, at least once, if it was at Chase. If nothing else for the cool mug.

In second place we have Makakilo with five recs!

The Diamondbacks could organize a mini-tasting event. Four samples would be offered with cheeses to clean the palate. 1. Coors Light Beer. Last season on opening day Seth Beer hit a walk off homer. In the next game, fans received 10,000 free Coors Light Beers. 2. (Drey) Jameson whisky. 3. San Gabriel (Moreno) red wine. 4. (Corbin) Carroll’s Mead, honey wine, is the final tasting.

Again, this is something (Coors Light aside) that I would probably do if they served it at the Draft Room.

And taking the whole thing this week is kilnborn with... whatever this is

Equal parts Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Everclear. With a single ice-cube, so you better drink it fast. I call it the Perezchica, because it’ll send you home quick, possibly in a collision.

AZ Snakepit does not in any way, shape, or form condone drunk driving, and we strongly recommend anyone who partakes in this... drink use the Designated Driver service that the Arizona Diamondbacks provides. We also don’t recommend drinking this ;-)

And now for the standings!


Players Score
Players Score
kilnborn 20
Jack Sommers 14
Makakilo 14
Spencer O'Gara 12
NikT77 9
Dano_In_Tucson 6
Steak85 5
Justin27 4
Smurf1000 3
gzimmerm 3
Snake_Bitten 2

Well then. This week certainly shook things up! Kilnborn went from a somewhat distant third, to now leading the whole pack by a whopping six recs about half way to the All Star Break. They’re definately in a strong spot for the rest of the season, but, as we saw this week, one big win can change all of that. In addition, Makakilo also is now tied with Jack for second place, so we’re definately starting to see some competition!

Anyway, this week, we’re keeping things simple. Tell me what Gallen is thinking in the picture at the top of this article. Go!