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Corbin Carroll T-shirt available!

All aboard the hype train!!!

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Cobin Carroll’s rookie campaign has been, so far everything we could have wanted. Right now, he’s on pace to hit .285 with 27 HR, 47 SB, a 144 OPS+ and be worth 5.3 bWAR, far and away the best by a rookie player in franchise history. He easily leads all National League rookies at this point, with his 1.8 bWAR almost twice that of anyone else. So, why not beat the rush and be the first on the block to sport a Corbin Carroll T-shirt from out pals over at Breaking T? Because it’s lights out for the opponent when Corbin Carroll barrels one for Arizona!

  • Officially licensed product of MLB Players, Inc.
  • Super-soft, durable tees and hoodies
  • Designed and printed in the USA
  • Free returns and exchanges

Check out the whole line here

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