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Meme Monday 5/29: You gonna answer that?

Friends, the Answerbacks are real, and the bullpen is...aite, lately. Merrill Kelly? A stud. Zac Gallen? The Goat. Pavin Smith? An enigma. After losing 3 in a row the team bounced back in Merrill Kelly’s majestic start against the Boston Red Sox. Kelly notched a career-high 10 strikeouts and went over 100 pitches to break the losing streak. Today, the D-backs offense came to the rescue of starter Kyle Nelson in typical ‘answerback’ fashion. Drey Jameson carried the pitching from there, and for the final out, Torey called upon the Sherriff. I was 100% sure Chafin would walk the 1st guy he faced but the 1st guy tuned out to be the last guy. Chafin killed it and Diamondbacks win. Winning is fun, and so are the memes. Enjoy.


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