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D-backs 4, Red Sox 2: Nevermore will the Red Sox trouble us…never more

An Edgar Allan Poe tale

Edgar Allan Poe

Record: 30-23. Pace: 92-70. Change on 2022: +4.

On the ominous eve of May 28th, two formidable forces collided on the hallowed grounds of Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Diamondbacks, guardians of the desert, prepared to face their interleague adversary, the Boston Red Sox, in a clash that would resonate with echoes of rivalry and destiny.As the sun descended upon the diamond, casting long shadows over the field, the two teams emerged from their respective dugouts, their spirits ablaze with the anticipation of battle. The crowd, like a brooding chorus, settled into their seats, their hearts pulsating with a mixture of trepidation and fervor.

The game ignited with an eerie intensity as the Diamondbacks took the field, their bats armed with a repertoire of hits that carried a whiff of sorcery. The Red Sox, however, were unable to showcase their own arcane talents, their batters not up to the task. The Diamondbacks’ fielders, their movements graceful yet tinged with desperation, danced across the diamond, attempting to ensnare the elusive orbs.In the early innings, a dark cloud of uncertainty hung over the game. The Diamondbacks’ pitcher, conjuring spells with each throw, managed to tame the Red Sox’s offense, extinguishing their fiery resolve.

With a spirit aflame, Corbin Carroll swung his bat with purpose, delivering a resounding blow that sent the ball soaring into the heavens. The crowd held its breath, enraptured by the trajectory of the ball as it climbed higher, defying gravity itself. And with a thunderous crash, the ball crashed against the left field bleaches, the hero transforming his raw power into a glorious home run to give us an early 2-0 lead.

Afore the 3rd inning that lead would blossom to 4-0, but as the innings waned, an insidious specter settled upon the Diamondbacks. The Red Sox, harnessing the dark arts of baseball strategy, summoned a succession of pitching changes after Houck left after the 4th that stifled the Diamondbacks’ momentum. The air grew heavy with uncertainty as the Diamondbacks struggled to decipher the mystifying array of pitches hurled their way.

This in the final act of this spectral showdown, with the score teetering in the balance, the Diamondbacks began to falter. For the Red Sox, thier bats swung with a desperate determination, as if channeling the spirits of fallen heroes, strung together hits that cascaded like haunting melodies, fueling a rally that sent shockwaves through the stadium. For as we entered the bottom of the 8th our bullpen has been dented as sorely as our hopes as fans and our once insurmountable lead of four stood at just 2.

But fate, ever fickle, played a wicked hand on Boston. For Castro was summoned forth to bring about darkness and chaos, casting an aura of invincibility. The Diamondbacks, their spirits never truly flagging, were victorious once more thanks to the heroics of the unlikely heroes; our bullpen. Thus, as the final out descended like a guillotine, their efforts were rewarded, and the Red Sox, weary and battered, retreated to their dugout, their heads bowed in both defeat and defiance.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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The Masque of the Red Death: Merrill Kelly, +19.9%
The Pit and the Pendulum: Corbin Carroll, +15.2%
Von Kempelen and his Discovery: Pavin Smith, -4.2%

What looked initially like it was going to be a romp in the park, turned eventually into a bit of a nail-biter. But the end result is what matters, and the D-backs still have not lost more than three games in a row this season, as we basically reach the one-third point of the season. Better still, this was a day where the Dodgers, Giants and Padres all lost (and who cares about the LOLorado Rockies?). So that means the D-backs now sit just 112 games back of the Dodgers, and a handy 312 up on the Giants. No Sedona Red comments, so by the power vested in me by... well, me, to be honest, I award Comment of the Thread to SafeTwire389.

Hard to argue with that as a sentiment. Tomorrow. it’s the Cellerado Rockies who come to Chase. bearing with them their traditional gift of the worst road record in the National League (9-16 as they arrive at Sky Harbor). With it being Memorial Day, bear in mind it is an afternoon Monday game, with a first pitch of 1:10 pm. Ryne Nelson will start for the D-backs.

“It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom.”
— Edgar Allen Poe