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Snake Bytes: 5/28 Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd

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Boston Red Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Doesn’t look like any recap was really posted, so here’s the gamestory and stuff. No comments were turned red last night, so no COTN.

Team News

Diamondbacks hitters flustered by Red Sox; Drew Jameson recalled for bullpen depth

It [Henry being used in the bullpen-Justin] turned out to be the former. Jameson did not pitch, and since Henry’s outing was so short — he threw only 10 pitches — it sort of amounted to a more aggressive between-starts bullpen session. The plan, for now, is for Henry to start Wednesday vs. the Rockies.

D-backs Dormant Offense Silent in 2-1 Loss to Red Sox

D-backs recall Drey Jameson, option Brandon Pfaadt, Luis Frias

D-backs plan for RHP Drey Jameson remains flexible, starts in bullpen

Arizona Diamondbacks remain optimistic with demoted top prospect Brandon Pfaadt

“I told him to go check out some of the numbers of some of these guys,” Strom said. “You see some Hall of Famers, you’ll see how they started their career.”

Other Baseball

Oakland Athletics Release Images of Proposed Las Vegas Stadium

Texas Rangers Set Franchise Record, Beat Orioles

The Texas Rangers have the best record in franchise history after 51 games after Saturday’s win at the Baltimore Orioles.

Andrew McCutchen Plans To Play In 2024, Wants To Remain With Pirates

“As long as things continue to be the way that they are, I’m going to continue to keep going,” McCutchen said. “I want to do it here. I don’t want to do it anywhere else. I don’t want to continue my career on another team…..That ballpark gives me a different boost or jolt of energy that I didn’t really have. I don’t know if it’s familiarity or the comfortability of being in Pittsburgh once again. The surroundings, the vibe when you’re on the field, I didn’t have that anywhere else. It’s good to be able to feel all those things again.”

‘Like Barry Bonds right now’: Soler on historic pace with HR in 5th straight game

Kimbrel third fastest in history to reach 400-save mark

SO close! Varsho gets glove on both of Twins’ back-to-back HRs

Anything Goes

Career appearances for Dbacks tracker:
Ziegler: 377

Chafin: 361

This day in history:
The link includes two stories that are baseball relevant, but I put the items under this day in baseball. If you want to look at the articles themselves click this link. There is also, of course, other stuff that happened as well.

This day in baseball:
In 1957, baseball owners voted unanimously to allow the Dodogers and Giants to relocate to the West coast. In 2006, Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run * passing Ruth.

A solar eclipse once ended a six-year war.

In 585 BCE, the sky suddenly darkened during a battle between the Lydians and the Medes. The soldiers saw it as a sign to stop fighting.

The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

One of the fun facts that’ll make you feel like we’re pulling your leg: the unicorn is officially Scotland’s national animal. The unicorn is the Celtic symbol of purity, innocence, masculinity, and power. Considering the fact that people believed they were real for around 2,500 years, there’s no wondering why the official coat of arms of the United Kingdom features a unicorn.