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Snake Bytes: A Tragedy of Errors

Arizona pitching struggled again with the long ball. That issue was at its worst after a costly error by Evan Longoria in the seventh opened the door for a grand slam by Oakland, to tie the game.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 8, Oakland 9 (12)
The Manfred Mann did little to shorten this one.

Little Things Cost Arizona Big
In isolation, the Diamondbacks might have been able to weather the various miscues and short-comings of the game. Taken together, Henry’s short outing, a two-out error by Evan Longoria, gopher balls, and a repeated inability to get a man home from second ended up sinking Arizona in a marathon game.

Failure to Execute Spoils Bullpen Heroics
The bullpen had its ups and downs on Tuesday night, but the combined effort did enough that they should have gotten the win.

Lawlar Takes Fastball Off Hand
Jordan Lawlar took a fastball from Tekoah Roby off his hand and was forced to leave the game in the first inning of Tuesday’s tilt against Frisco. Subsequent X-rays were negative and Arizona’s prized prospect is listed as day-to-day.

Never change, Andrew Chafin

Other Baseball News

Juan Soto Playing Like a Half Billion Dollars
While the Padres would have liked Juan Soto to be a force of nature during the home stretch last season, the trade was made with an eye to the future as well. Soto’s post-trade troubles of 2022 seem to be largely behind him now and that spells both good and bad things for San Diego. On one hand, he’s helping carry the team through a rough patch as they contend for the NL West. On the other, locking him up before he hits free agency at the end of the season is likely to cost a mint for a team that already has multiple other mega-contracts.

Paul Goldschmidt Talks Hitting
The veteran first baseman has quite a bit to say about the subject.

Betts Making Transition for Dodgers
When the Dodgers lost their starting shortstop in spring training, no one was expecting the injury to the young star to become the solution for the outfield playing time issue in Los Angeles.

Kumar Rocker To Undergo Tommy John
Not surprising, but still hate to see it.