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Tidings from Turambar: Gigantes 1, D-backs 2

Pfaadt Chance on Mothers Day?

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 23-18. Pace: 91-71. Change on 2022: +3.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

After hosting brunch for my mom and enjoying violently strong Bloody Mary’s my brother prepared for the occasion I’m ready for some baseball.

Pfaadt, who we all have very high hopes for, finally looks the part as he opens up this game striking out the first 3 Giants he faces.

We look poised to strike early and hard in the bottom of the frame with bases juiced and 1out, but Gurriel dashes those hopes with an inning ending double play.

Pfaadt still looks MUCH more dialed in (compared to his last two starts). Looks like he’s locating his pitches way better than before and it’s showing thus far.

No joy on offense in the 2nd but Pfaadt keeps rolling along and very much in control through 3. Good mix of pitches and actively painting the zone is a recipe for success folks. Still way to early to see how he’ll stick but his accession could be the key to unlock this season’s potential.

Whelp, there’s a little hiccup in his command in the 4th, giving up a solo shot to Conforto. Then he proceeds to walk the next two Giants and suddenly we’re in a bit of a bind.
Pfaadt endures though and through will and guile we’re off to the bottom of the 4th only down 0-1.

No solutions for the Webb problem as there continues to be no support for Pfaadt. Logan Webb (to his credit) is doing well though some of the calls he’s benefiting from are frustrating. Such is the life in a non-robo-ump world.

To be very fair though, Pfaadt’s benefiting from a HUGE strike zone as well. Can’t wait to see your stats on today’s ump….

So we’re off to the bottom of the 5th still down a run, but Pfaadt’s still phat.

Gabby finally ends the No No with a single up the middle and Rojas finally gets us on the board with a clutch double right up the 1st base line. Tied at 1 going in to the 6th.

Jose Ruiz comes in to relieve Pfaadt here in the 6th. Not too mad about that, especially since Pfaadt very much redeemed himself after his two previous outings. Ruiz hold sway with limited drama and thus we hope our bats can help chip away once more.

Nope. Nada. Webb won’t be in forever, but we gotta start making something happen soon.

Still tied at 1 going in to the 7th and Ruiz throws an absolute dominating gem of an inning striking out the side. Just the kind of thing we need to see from the pen.

Webb continues to throw a gem, and despite the curious strike zone he’s really looking sharp. Let’s hope we get to their pen soon….

McGough keeps our tie intact in the 7th, which is very much a minor blessing compared to his other outings. On that note, yes the bullpen has been frustrating, but they’re a far cry from last year.

Webb’s night it finally over in the bottom of the 7th as Rogers relieves him.
Still nothing doing from the plate and we zip off yo he 9th still tied and clinging to hopes our bullpen will keep things interesting.

Castro, who has upset most of us recently, puts together a very nice 9th frame and thus we’re still tied going in to the 9th and with Pavin and Walker coming up I’m feeling optimistic that power batting will win the day.

Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purple haired Gurriel’s double in to the left field corner seals the deal after CWalk walks and we are suddenly all having a great Mothers Day! Thanks mom!!!!!

Bells and whistles. by Jim

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Mother Superior: Jose Ruiz, +16.4%
Mother Love: Walker, +14.1%; Castro, +13.9%; Pfaadt, +13.5%; Gurriel Jr, +10.2%
Mother of Tears: Geraldo Perdomo, -13.2%
Old Mother Hubbard: Pavin Smith, -10.6%

Just the one Sedona Red comment, from... uh, me.

All told, as mentioned in a later comment, this might have been the best pitched contest of the season by Arizona that did not involve Zac Gallen. One run on three hits with 12 strikeouts is solid work. Praise is especially due to the bullpen for four scoreless innings with seven K’s. Ruiz striking out the side in the seventh was particularly impressive, given how San Francisco had teed off the reliever in all their previous encounters this season.

The D-backs bounce back from an opening loss to take three of four, and keep pace with the Dodgers over the weekend, who swept the Padres. It’s now onto the road for Arizona, and a nine-game sweep through Oakland, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I’m hoping to see them return to Phoenix on May 25, with a winning record on the road-trip. We start tomorrow against the A’s at 6:40 pm, with Merrill Kelly on the mound for Arizona.