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Snake Bytes: 5/14 Dominic-ated also, Happy Mother’s Day!

Fletcher has tied Durazo’s franchise record for RBI in a 4 game series, with one more to play...

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Team News

It was a 1-0 game, until the bottom of the 6th...

Arizona Diamondbacks Daily: Dominic Fletcher stars, Zac Gallen deals in win over Giants

Fletcher, Gallen lead D-backs to 2nd win in 2 nights over Giants

“I think it’s just a comfort with my teammates, the coaching staff and the training staff,” Fletcher told reporters postgame. Everybody here has done such a good job (to) welcome me in. And just being comfortable and playing hard and playing to win.”

Fletcher’s Glove, Bat Impressive in Win Over Giants

“He’s in a great spot,” D-backs manager Torey Lovullo said of his rookie outfielder. “He carried us today with five RBIs. That’s what everyone works for. He’s probably watched a couple of his teammates, Corbin, Alek, and Jake last year getting this opportunity. He’s been dreaming about it for a long time and he’s making the most of every game and every at-bat. That’s what we love about him.”

Other Baseball

The Las Vegas Oakland A’s have 9 wins through 40 games. They are 1 game better than the 1899 Cleveland Spiders (Per Steak in last nights’ GDT), even the 1962 Mets had 12 wins to this point. ‘04 Dbacks had 16 and the ‘21 team had 18, if you wondered.

Reds not living in the past with bold new look for City Connect uniforms

Some old fashioned “ex Dbacks on the move” news. No, I don’t care that Jack is the only one that will get that. lol.

Marlins outfield in question after Chisholm, Sánchez exit

The Marlins announced postgame that Chisholm exited with a right foot contusion, with X-rays coming back negative. The scary moment could’ve been worse.

Kansas City Royals Zack Greinke Joins Incredible Club in Baseball History

By striking out outfielder Joey Wiemer, Greinke became the fifth pitcher in baseball history to strike out 1,000 different hitters. He joined Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens* in the club.

Greinke becomes 5th pitcher to ring up 1K different batters

Anything Goes

Career appearances for Dbacks tracker:
Ziegler: 377

Chafin: 356

This day in history:

This day in baseball:

The human’s little finger provides over 50% of the hand’s strength.

Don’t underestimate your little fingers. Researches show that a human’s little finger provides over 50% of the hand’s strength, and losing the little finger is really detrimental.

Wow, I would never have guessed that.

Mammoths were still alive when the Egyptians were building the Great Pyramids.

Wooly mammoths were alive until 2550 to 2490 B.C.

Personally, I knew that, but I just thought some would find it interesting. There is a remote island in the Artic Circle in the extreme far east called Wrangel Island. It is a small island, so the population would have been incredibly inbred.

I will just throw out another fact, we are closer in time to T-Rex (65 million years apart) than T-Rex was to Stegosaurs (82 million).