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Zac Gallen and Lourdes Gurriell T-shirts

Two new shirts available from our pals at Breaking T!

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It’s been a while, but we have some hot new shirts from BreakingT to share with you, just in time for the D-backs’ surge back to the top of the NL West (hey, we can all hope). As ever, BreakingT offers the following:

  • Officially licensed product of MLB Players, Inc.
  • Super-soft, durable tees and hoodies
  • Designed and printed in the USA
  • Free returns and exchanges

Zac Gallen shirt

If you see the rec specs in Arizona, it’s already too late!

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. shirt

Check out the whole line here

Let’s just hope Lourdes and Zac can avoid the Breaking T curse, given that among their other recent shirts for the D-backs include ones for Seth Beer (DFA’d), Kyle Lewis (on the IL) and Madison Bumgarner (enjoying a slow boat-ride to Greenland). [We receive an affiliate commission on all sales through the link, which helps keep the lights on at SnakePit Towers!]