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Snake Bytes 5/10: Not Very Well Pfaadt

Brandon Pfaadt was plagued by the long ball while the Arizona bats went largely silent.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Miami 6, Arizona 2
Brandon Pfaadt made his second big league start last night. For the second start in a row he was plagued by some hard hit balls. This time, Jorge Soler took him deep, twice. Soler’s two blasts accounted for five of the six runs surrendered by Pfaadt in his six innings of work. At the plate, Evan Longoria had a decent night, but the team as a whole had trouble getting hits when it mattered.

Soler Hits 901 feet of Home Runs Versus Pfaadt
Except for those two mighty blasts, it wasn’t a terrible game. But, those two blasts happened, and boy did they happen.

Pfaadt Hit Early
Torey Lovullo says Brandon Pfaadt was becoming too reliant on his fastball. The in-game results would seem to agree.

Jordan Lawlar Clears Wall, Stadium
The 471-foot blast left the yard and the stadium, landing somewhere in the parking lot.

Don’t Forget About Lawlar’s Double Play Partner

Gallen Trade Becoming a Bigger Win for Arizona
Trading top quality to receive top quality, the Diamondbacks are now reaping major benefit from the win-win trade of the 2019 deadline.

Other Baseball News

Not-so-Mighty Thor Leaves Game in First
Noah Syndergaard left his start in the first inning with a cut on his right index finger. At least this time it isn’t and arm or shoulder issue.

Mets, Phillies Set for 2024 London Series
Fans from Queens and the City of Brotherly Love will be descending upon London to see the two AL East rivals face off.

2022 Playoff Teams That Should Be Worried
It’s is still early days, but the Cardinals have a lot of work to do to right the ship. Seattle needs to find some healthy players.

Ohtani Being Helped, Hurt by Long Ball
Not only does Shohei Ohtani hit home runs, he has started to give them up too. Somehow, I suspect he’ll get that problem under control.

Players Teams Should Extend with Urgency
That Adley Rutschman tops this list should surprise no one. If he signs for the suggested price I would be surprised.