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D-backs 11, Dodgers 6: (Glad) Tidings from Turambar

The non-AI addition

AI = Abominable Intelligence

Record: 6-4. Pace: 97-65. Change on 2022: +3.

Hello again! No AI this time folks, just a loyal tech priest named Turambar recapping an Easter Sunday game. The Omnissiah has risen!!!

Not so solid first inning, but i know this year’s Dbacks can gets runs on and over at a lightning fast pace, so I’m not concerned too much yet.
Ryne only allows 1run despite loading up the bases, so it could have been far worse.

Down 0-1 early here, but our young Sneks are not fazed in the slightest, as a string of singles and a Pavin double make this a 2-1 Dbacks lead. Hell yea and praise be to Jebus!

Totally forgot that Ryne can THROW. That kid has a rail gun arm when he wants to show it. On that note his shakiness in the 1st frame seems to have dissipated.

The bats though have only just begun and McCarthy double eventually comes around to make this a 3-1 Dbacks lead.

Bleh. I need to stop writing any sort of praise for pitchers mid game. Ryne takes my good will and gives back to me 2runs, thus tying this game up at 3 apiece.

Aaaaannnnnnddddd it’s right around then that the Dbacks decided to pour in the runs: 3 in the bottom of the 3rd, and 3 more in the 4th followed by another 2 in the 5th.

Blowing those doors wide off folks!

All runs courtesy of a series of singles and doubles and all glorious.
Through all those fireworks our buddy Ryne (my wife’s convinced it should be pronounced Rin) finishes his afternoon with 6 solid innings against a real deal Dodger lineup: fuck yea I’ll take that.

Thus (with a little hiccup in the top of the 8th) we cruise in to the 9th with a commanding 11-5 lead and a convincing and satisfying series victory just three outs away.

Solomon, who gave up both the LA runs in the inning prior, comes back in to put the Dodgers to bed though he does tuck em in with another run as a good night treat.

Thats all folks, and it honestly wasn’t that close though Solomon made it seem that way.

We own the West!…..for the moment.

Bells and whistles

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Creme Egg: Nick Ahmed, +13.6%%
Twix, please: Pavin Smith, +11.8%
Reese's Pieces: Ryne Nelson, -9.5%

That’s the first time since April 2017 the D-backs have scored double-digits against the Dodgers in consecutive times, and only the third time in franchise history. That 2017 occasion, included Archie Bradley’s debut, as we thrashed them 13-5 and 11-5 on consecutive nights. The team now prepares to welcome the Brewers to town, for a match-up between two of the National League’s hottest teams. Milwaukee are 7-2 and have the best record in the National League. Meanwhile... I’ll just leave this here.

Comment of the day to Jack Sommers. I think it’s far too early to call this one, but it’s a question I think the Dodgers are probably asking themselves after this series...