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PYWs 23: Week 2

So what roles will be in the Diamondbacks’ bullpen this season?

A cricket player, in a grey jersey with aquamarine highlights. holding a large cup style trophy with curved highlights Photo by MARTY MELVILLE/AFP via Getty Images

This week’s episode of PYW’s is brought to you by: Treading Water! When you’re playing a stupid difficult opening schedule, try Treading Water! Lose only half your games, and your fans will be... satisfied. Try it today!

Welcome back! Last week, your task was to come up with roles for the Diamondbacks’ currently undefined bullpen. Let’s see what you came up with! Smurf1000 takes third!

Clock repairman. To fix or replace the clock that died a couple years ago. The frame is still up there. I still look up there to see what time it is. -3 recs

Agreed Smurf. I looked up there more than once when I was there for the WBC, and I was sad every time. #BringBackTheClock

In second place, we have a tie between Spencer O’Gara and Jack Sommers!

Jack Sommers - “Therapist” - 4 recs

Is that for the bullpen... or for us on the ‘Pit?

Spencer - Velcro Specialist: This new bullpen role is very important. They are responsible for ensuring the PitchCom velcro is always fresh for every member of the bullpen so our fireball throwing arms don’t send it flying after every pitch in high leverage, late game situations. - 4 recs

Okay, but like, for real?

And finally, taking the top spot on the podium this week, Steak85!

Why have a fireman when you can have a repair man? If anything mechanical breaks during the game, Andrew Chafin will repair it. (Roof cables not included.)  This could be extended to a promotion, where the first 500 fans can bring their appliances or tractors or cars for repair. - 5 recs

Okay fine, he can’t fix the roof cables... but how is is clockwork repair??

And for the first time in 2023, let’s take a look at the standings!


Players Score
Players Score
Steak85 5
Jack Sommers 4
Spencer O'Gara 4
Smurf1000 3

This week, we’re going to go back to a well-trod path. For the millionth time, the future of Chase Field is in the news, with allegedly a resolution coming in the next couple of months according to Hall and Kendrick. So for perhaps the last time, tell me a feature you would like to see in either a new stadium or renovated Chase Field. Go!