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SnakePit Round Table: Happy with a 7-20 split

Alphabetically, Arizona leads the NL West!


Who impressed you in the Dodgers series?

Makakilo: Trace Thompson’s first at-bats of the season were in the third game of the series. He hit 3 homers and earned 8 RBIs. Two reasons that impressed me follow:

  • In spring training, the Dodgers’ home runs were below average. Nothing in the first two games (1 home run each game) changed my mind that the Dodgers would hit less home runs than last season. In the third game, Trace Thompson’s 3 home runs (plus one homer by J.D. Martinez) were sad to see.
  • His 8 RBIs in one game place him in an elite group of hitters. Hitting 8 or more RBIs has only happened 159 times in MLB history. Nevertheless, from a Diamondbacks’ perspective, Diamondback Erubiel Durazo outdid Thompson because he hit 3 homers with 9 RBIs on 17 May, 2002 (Data from Baseball Reference).

Another player who impressed me was Kyle Lewis. His 2-run homer was why the Diamondbacks won game two of the series.

Spencer: The LA field security staff and their ability to tackle.

ISH95: What Spencer said. That was beautiful form on the tackle. Diamondbacks wise though? Jameson was good?

Wesley: I was thinking I could drop in with my usual snark, but Spencer beat me to it. Carroll’s speed on the basepaths early in today’s game really impressed me. I forgot just how game changing his speed and base stealing ability is… it’s almost Rickey-esque. I know it’s silly making that comparison, but I haven’t seen anything like that SINCE Rickey. Perdomo looks much better in the field and at the plate as well.

Dano: Jameson for me. Carroll today as well, though I only know what he’s been up to this afternoon from the box score. And, frankly, Davies going five innings and only giving up one run. Wasn’t expecting him to not suck.

Justin: I’ll go with Jameson as well.

Who gave you cause for concern?

Makakilo: In the first three games, Ketel Marte had 1 hit and zero walks (and 1 HBP) in 12 PAs. Interestingly, he started last season with the same results (but no HBP). Although it’s a small sample size, my concern is because his results are not consistent with my opinion that he is a strong hitter.

Spencer: AZ fans all over the internet treating 4 games against a World Series caliber team like it’s 2021 already. Could we recreate that? Of course. It’s not a warm fuzzy feeling 3 (or 4, I’m writing on Sunday morning) games in. But the sky isn’t falling yet.

We all know the brain trust of KK/DH is showing more restraint toward firing the GM and his lackeys than they have in the past, but if they only see negative reactions early on, I could see them burning down the sustainable future that has so carefully been constructed.

ISH95: The more i think about it, Gallen becomes more concerning. He seems to be struggling more than others to adapt to the new rules, and if he can’t figure it out quickly, that’s going to hurt a lot, especially given Question 5

Wesley: Gallen certainly concerns me. This offense seems like it’s REALLY rushed and behind compared to the pitching the

Dano: The utter lack of offense, and the fact that none of our starters seem to be even remotely stretched out for the start of the season. I mean, we had a full spring training this year, right? So WTF?

Justin: Definitely the offense.

What do you think of the “new” D-backs bullpen?

Makakilo: I like it very much! And not having a designated closer is working out very well. Can they hold a 1-run lead? Mission accomplished! Twice! What I don’t like are Dodgers batting…

Spencer: It’s perfectly fine so far. It’s 4 games in. Some are fresh and solid, others are rusty and suck. It’s fine. For now.

ISH95: It seems pretty average, which is all I’ve been asking for for years at this point.

Wesley: It’s acceptable. So far.

Dano: It appears to be an improvement on last year, at least so far. Beyond that, I got nuthin. Ask again when we have a larger sample size. Late update: I’m not at Mak’s level of optimism yet (or likely ever), but a second game against a tough team where we managed to hold a one-run lead? That’s pretty nice, and I could get used to this. Especially because I’m convinced that, if it were IPK and Melancon closing things out for us, we’d be 0-4 at this point instead of 2-2.

Justin: I like it and I am x1000ing Dan’s last sentence.

Now you’ve seen the new rules in full effect, what do you think?

Makakilo: The games are speedier. Although it’s just a feeling, the action on the basepaths feels more enjoyable. One example was Gabriel Moreno throwing out two runners at second base.

Spencer: Excellence. For players like Gallen, it’s an adjustment. He’s going to have to adapt. But for the sport as a whole, I have no complaints about any rule change this season.

ISH95: Love it, I was able to watch a Dbacks game and then go to a reasonable show time for a movie last night. I couldn’t have done that before

Wesley: I love it, but the pace is almost too fast at times. One of my friends went to a spring training game and told me it was a little anxiety inducing, and I see where she’s coming from.

Dano: Pace of play seems far better, across the board. I’m happy about that. On the other hand, I find myself unexpectedly bothered a little bit by the infield shift now being against the rules. I hated the shift, too, I really did. So it’s weird, but I think I’m not liking it so much.

Justin: I like the rules. Obviously, they will take some getting used to for fans and especially players. I always hated guest recapping a 4 hour blowout loss, for instance.

Over/under on Bumgarner starts before he gets bumped from the rotation?

Makakilo: 6.5 games. It’s likely that his sixth start will be at Coors. Either he has improved by then, or the explosion of runs will be hard to ignore.

Jack Sommers noted that Madison Bumgarner struggled in his first start of the season. For details see the following tweet:

Spencer: 6 feels about right. That’s a full month. Plenty of time to “injure” himself.

ISH95: On the one hand, I want to point out how conspiratorial Spencer is with these phantom injuries. On the other… I’m saying one game because he is already heading back to Phoenix for evaluation

Spencer: It’s only conspiratorial if it’s wrong… but more seriously, from a business perspective, it’s best for everyone if an insurance company pays that salary.

Wesley: I don’t think Spencer is being THAT conspiratorial, honestly. I wouldn’t be any more surprised if he ends up never throwing a pitch in a Dbacks uniform than if he just ends up missing A start.

Dano: I certainly hope that Mr. Saunders never throws another pitch for us, but I don’t think we’re there yet. We should be, but I don’t think we are. Depending on how bad he continues to be, I think maybe six starts is too generous, but I’d guess it’s close to that.

Justin: * reads above comments * I’m, uh… going to pass on this one.

In the most simple explanation possible, what do you do for a living?

Makakilo: What I do for a living has changed into making a life worth living; full of friends, good health, using my skills to participate in my passions, and finding meaning in the journey.

Spencer: I make cities safer by helping to track down bad people and auditing policing methods.

ISH95: “Don’t forget to ask them if they want fries with that”

Wesley: I’m 100% in agreement with what Makakilo said. To add to that and say something original,I’ve made writing and creating my full time job in the last year, while I continue working towards a healthier and happier life.”

Dano: Trying to teach children to think more rationally and argue more effectively than they are typically wont to do at their age. Most days, it is less thankless than it sounds, I’m pleased to report. The pay is utter crap, though. Tra la.

Justin: Not too much different than Blake’s response, if you think about it.

Jim: I Google stuff.